Classic PS3 Series Revealed for PlayStation Plus Premium Library

PlayStation is bringing a classic series from the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 eras to the PS5 via the console’s PlayStation Plus Premium library. Earlier this year, Sony found a way to deliver a much requested feature to its fans on modern consoles. For years, many have asked for generational backward compatibility beyond just the PS4. While it’s not quite the same as Xbox’s backward compatibility, PlayStation has made it so fans can access a wide spanning library of games from across the various generations of consoles, including the PS1, PS2, and PS3. This has allowed fans to go back and visit their favorite classics, get introduced to new ones, and have access to a lot of games.

The latest additions to the PlayStation Premium Plus library are a ton of Ratchet & Clank games. The series is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary and is finding all kinds of ways to thank the fans for their long lasting support. As such, Insomniac Games and PlayStation confirmed that on November 15th, 5 PS3-era Ratchet and Clank games will be coming to the service. These join 5 other PS3-era Ratchet & Clank games, making almost the entire series available on the service and modern consoles. You can view the full list of games on the service and coming to it next month below.

Currently on PlayStation Plus Premium:

  • Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty (PS3)
  • Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (PS3)
  • Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One (PS3)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (PS3)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus (PS3)

Coming to PlayStation Plus Premium on November 15:

  • Ratchet & Clank (PS3)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando (PS3)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (PS3)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Deadlocked (PS3)
  • Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3)

As of right now, it’s unclear what the future of the Ratchet & Clank looks. Insomniac Games just released a new entry for the series in 2021 and it was met with tons of praise. However, the developer is now knee-deep in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverineso it may be a while before we see more Ratchet & Clank.

Are you going to check out any of the Ratchet & Clank games on PlayStation Plus Premium? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.


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