Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: New DMZ Mode

Call of Duty is well known for introducing a variety of experimental game modes with each new iteration of the franchise. Modern Warfare 2 is no exception to this rule, adding in quirky modes such as the ones played via a third person shooter camera perspective. By far the most experimental of these game types is the new DMZ Mode.

DMZ is a free to play game mode that anyone can download on PC or consoles. This approach is no doubt due to Call of Duty Warzone’s massive success using a similar free to play model. The DMZ is available alongside the rest of the overhauled Warzone 2.0 content being distributed to all players.

What is DMZ Mode in Call of Duty?

In concept, Modern Warfare 2’s latest mode is reminiscent of titles such as Escape from Tarkov. Squads will team up to secure objectives before attempting to escape from the Al-Mazrah map featured in other playlists. Although this map is being reused, the objectives offer unique content with a narrative focus.

What sets DMZ apart from traditional Call of Duty multiplayer is the inclusion of AI combatants to contend with. You can still encounter squads of rival players, but a large portion of combat is entirely based on PvE. The constant switch up between human and AI opponents keeps each subsequent match engaging and unpredictable.

How Weapons Work in DMZ

Modern Warfare 2 relies on a vast arsenal of weapons to fuel the over-the-top action present in each battle. Certain game modes alter the traditional loadout formula for the sake of sandbox balance. In DMZ, you create a loadout of “insured” weapons that you desire to start out with. Upon death, your weapons insured are placed on a cooldown that prevents you from using them in the next match. Until the cooldown recharges, you are forced to use temporary contraband weapons that disappear entirely the next time you die or drop them for something else.

Many Seasons to Come

Like any modern live service title, Warzone 2.0 has an entire roadmap of new content and battle passes already planned. If you intend to invest some time into the new collection of modes, then you can rest assured the game will be supported for years to come.

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