Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac Features Improved Windows Apps, Xbox, and PS4 Experience

A new Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac has been released, providing better compatibility for Windows apps and gaming controllers.

Parallels’ latest version, which is now available on the market, showcases the capability of their software to run over 200,000 Windows applications and classic games.

The new version of Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac, which was recently released, incorporates a number of improvements designed to enhance the way in which it manages Windows applications on Apple’s processor platform.

Most of those changes have an immediate and direct impact on the way in which applications run within an environment powered by macOS that is based on Apple Silicon for users in both the personal and business editions.

Parallels Desktop 18: What’s New?

When operating under Windows 11, Parallels Desktop 18 has increased compatibility when it comes to executing software developed by Intel.

According to Apple Insider, Parallels users can see evidence of this compatibility feature when they save and read files directly from the disk that comes with their Mac devices.

Users will experience a continuous and seamless integration when using the software since the hardware compatibility includes Apple’s later chip releases and its ProMotion display.

On a Mac Studio, the performance of Windows 11 can now be optimized to be 96% faster than before, which also applies to the M1 Ultra.

Users are able to download, install, and configure Windows 11 with just one click, making the process of getting started significantly simpler. The same setup mechanism also gives a list of Linux computers that are already configured and ready to use.

The latest iteration of the software will also provide a better experience for users who would like to game on Windows. Users can begin playing by connecting their Xbox or PS4 game controllers as they switch their Mac to the Windows operating system.

This makes the Windows gaming experience more accessible. Additionally, there are claims of a fluid user interface for Windows and fast frame rates for video playback.

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Parallels Desktop 18 Subscription

Parallels Desktop 18 is available in Standard, Pro, and Business editions. Users have the option of purchasing Parallels Desktop 18 as either a subscription that costs $99.99 per year or as a permanent license that costs $129.99.

The annual cost of the Pro Edition is $129.99, but the annual cost of the Business Edition is $149.99. Here are the highlights for the Pro and Business editions, according to 9to5Mac.

On Apple M1 Macs, the Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac Pro Edition comes equipped with a network conditioner, which gives users the ability to configure a variety of network conditions for the virtual machine.

For increased levels of safety, it separates the Mac operating system from the network of virtual machines running on Apple M1 devices, and it launches a Minikube cluster using Parallels Desktop as the virtualization provider.

In addition to incorporating each and every feature included in both the Standard and Pro editions, the Business edition now includes support for SSO and SAML licensing.

These features will significantly ease the process of provisioning licenses for IT administrators who are eager to implement Windows support throughout their fleet of Macs. SSO providers such as Ping, Okta, Azure AD, and others are included in this package.

A Windows 11 virtual machine can also be deployed, provisioned, or transferred across all of an organization’s workstations by IT administrators.

Last but not least, it offers teams the ability to centrally manage their participation in the Parallels customer experience program from a single interface.

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