New PS5, PS4 Games Releasing This Week (August 8th

It’s a new week and that means new games. Sadly – ​​or perhaps not, depending on the state of your bank account – it’s a fairly quiet week for new games on PS5 and PS4. The mid-summer lul is in full effect and we’re seeing it now with just a handful of new releases on Sony’s platforms. Maybe it’s a sign to go outside, get some vitamin D, and see what real life ray-tracing looks like?

This week’s highlights include Two Point Campus, an education sim with a twist. If you visited Two Point Hospital, you’ll probably find a few hours of fun building up the university of your dreams. Or nightmares. Your choice.


Racing fans are catered this week with Classic Racers Elite, a game that originally released a couple years back on Steam as a free-to-play release. This new ‘Elite’ rendition says the free-to-play boundaries and puts players in the driving seat of classic cars from the “Gentleman’s Era” of racing – the swinging 60s.

For those who love hopping between genres, Aracade Paradise is releasing just in time for the weekend. You take over a dirty laundromat and it’s your job to turn it into the best video game arcade in town with more than 35 arcade games to play. Surely you’ll find something in the collection to keep you busy.

Here’s what’s coming to PlayStation this week.

New PS5, PS4 Games This Week – August 8th – 12th

Monday – August 8th

No. Nothing. Nichts.

Tuesday – August 9th

  • Two Point Campus – PS5, PS4
  • Classic Racers Elite – PS5

Wednesday – August 10th

Thursday – August 11th

  • Cult of the Lamb – PS5, PS4
  • Rumbleverse – PS5, PS4
  • Arcade Paradise – PS5, PS4

Friday – August 12th

  • Journey – PS5, PS4
  • Super Bullet Break – PS4

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