Good Smile Reveals New FromSoftware Collectibles Are Heading Our Way 


FromSoftware created one of the biggest growing styles of video games in modern times with the Soulslike genre. This genre is best known for its RPG format with very intense levels of difficulty and placed a post-world era in a more dark fantasy setting. The games began with the launch of Demons Souls for PS3 back in 2009 and has since grown. We have seen three games for Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and the widely popular recent game, Elden Ring. The games are filled with impressive characters and a story any fan can just dive into for months and plenty of gameplay to back it up.

Video games are not big in the collectibles market, but it looks like that is starting to change thanks to Good Smile Company. The Smile Fest 2022 recently took place in Tokyo, Japan, and it was filled with FromSoftware goodies. Three popular games are getting some pretty sweet collectibles for 2023 with:

  • Elden Ring– Torrent, the Spectral Steed
  • Demon’s Souls – Maiden in Black
  • Dark Souls – The Onion Knight aka Siegmeyer of Catarina

We did get to see Good Smile prototypes for the Onion Knight and the Maiden in Black, which look incredible. The Onion Knight is just a fan favorite, so this will be a fun figure to see what else he will come with. The Maiden in Black is mysterious and will be awesome in any Demon’s Souls collectibles, and with its PS5 remake, this is perfect for new fans to also get behind. We recently saw FromSoftware’s Elden Ring figma debut, so it is pretty sweet Torrent is coming out as well, which will only enhance your display. No release date, price, or pre-order info is known yet for these FromSoftware figures, but you will be able to find them all here in the coming months.

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