Video Games Which Are Expected To Be Released By The End Of 2022

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Players control a cat as it explores a robotic world in the newest game from Annapurna Interactive, emphasizing the “purr” sound. The game may be another success for the publisher, who can hardly ever go wrong thanks to its gorgeous aesthetics and likable protagonist.

It’s safe to say that Live a Live, which only received a tepid response and dismal sales in Japan then, wasn’t at the top of most gamers’ wishlists of ’90s-era RPGs that could have undergone a remake. But given how impressive this new approach is, it’s obvious that a lot of effort has been put into ensuring that the game’s second chance will be more successful than the first.

Two Point Campus has the potential to be even more enjoyable than Two Point Hospital, which was a sweet spiritual successor to the beloved ’90s sim Theme Hospital. With a university campus management game that appears to be crammed with hilarity, the team at Two Point Studios is truly coming into its own without the need to reference earlier source material.


Volition’s choice to revamp Saints Row has generated a lot of discussions, with many online reactions asserting that the game may lose some of its personality as a result. However, it doesn’t seem that these criticisms will be entirely accurate when we get our hands on the finished product, given that the recently released Boss Creator demo allows players to design joyfully ludicrous protagonists for the game.

Remaking an already-remastered game may be a risky approach, but there’s no disputing that this improved version of The Last of Us is more detailed than the PS3 and PS4 versions.

The number of gamers willing to pay full price (for some, a third time) for a fancier version of a game whose remaster is already included in the PS Plus Collection is still up in the air. Naturally, assuming it stays there.

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