PS5 Improvements Sony Should Implement In Updates

After the PlayStation 5’s release in November 2020, many of Sony’s fans had praise and plaudits for the console’s next-gen capabilities. The new DualSense controller was the main focus of attention for many players, given the introduction of features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, giving players a brand-new experience. Whilst this was present, there were also calls for improvements in multiple different departments of the console.

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As Sony continues to make efforts towards providing the best possible playing experience possible, fans also continue to share their own feedback and thoughts on the changes which are required in order to take the console towards its full potential.


8 Themes And Interactivity On Home Screen

Ever since the console’s launch, themes and custom backgrounds have not been an option for owners to use, but only the backgrounds of games selected on display. Given the previous two generations of PlayStation 3 and 4, fans would have expected to see these features as a prerequisite.

Themes also came in portions with their own menu sound effects and music, but as things stand the default setting remains. Sony has yet to make any comments regarding why this feature is unavailable, but PS5 owners will continue to hope for any potential changes regarding custom features.

7 Discord Streaming Feature

As Sony had announced a partnership that will see Discord’s integration to the PS5, fans will be aware of the potential of Discord’s streaming services available on PC within its servers. Features such as Discord Nitro allows users to stream at a video quality of 1080p up to 60 frames per second, similar to what the PS5 is capable of when streaming on platforms such as YouTube.

Introducing this service will give players the opportunity to connect with friends who may not own the console, or even branch out into different servers according to their tastes. If Sony is able to accomplish this particular service within their deal with Discord, it will certainly give fans another advantage in using the console.

6 Quick Resume

When looking into features such as fast-loading times and allowing players to start right where they left off, quick resume is a tool that allows gamers to do just that. Unfortunately for PlayStation owners, this is only available on Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series X and S consoles.

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Many fans will know how useful this is, as it introduces flexibility and the safety net of switching applications without the worry of losing progress. This is very possible for Sony to implement in upcoming updates, given how powerful the console is.

5 Make First Time Boot Up Permanent

During the console’s first start-up for new owners, there would be a special animation that would appear for a few seconds before prompting the player to plug in their controller. Fans will be familiar with the iconic PS1, PS2, and PS3 boot-up animations.

Retaining this animation or at the very least giving owners the option to toggle on or off on the matter would be beneficial, whilst also giving the current generation of the PlayStation a historical feature.

4 Ability To Play Music Over Any Game

With certain games such as The Last Of Us Part 2, the PS5 stops the player from the ability to play their own music whether via Spotify or through the use of the media player. Fans who may have completed games as such and wish to speed run or prefer to have something play over their gaming activity may find this frustrating.

Whether this is down to the developers or Sony themselves, a change would be necessary here giving owners the freedom to choose and obtaining another addition in the aspect of accessibility.

3 Dedicated Internet Browsing Application

Unlike the PS4, the new console is currently without the option of browsing the internet via a designated application. The user must go through settings in the user guide in order for the default browser to appear for web surfing.

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Despite this, it is still an unreliable way for owners to access the internet, especially when fans are unfamiliar with the tutorials in which they can access the browser. The positive sign is that this is indeed present on the system, which goes to show that Sony does intend to add an application as a feature in a future update, giving users the freedom to browse the internet as they please.


1 Improve Voice Commands

Considering the fact that the voice command feature is still in its beta build, it is only inevitable for Sony to improve it. From the language to more recognizable commands from the user, this tool is in need of an overhaul to push the best and most accessible voice command feature possible.

Not only will this help current owners who may need to rely on such features, but it will also encourage those who have not yet obtained the console to do so as it will suit their needs if required.

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