10 Best Games Like Stray

Fans of the open-world adventure genre get to enjoy the release of stray on 19th July 2022, with the game releasing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. Following a cat in a world unfamiliar to it as it tries to find its way back to its family, there are few video game titles that deliver a similar experience.

Fortunately, such games can very well be found, ranging from open world puzzle games like Journey to animal-friendly titles such as Never Alone. It’s worth checking out the games that fans can enjoy either before or after their playthroughs of strayand how they have comparable but also unique gameplays of their own.


Fe (2018)

A fox in a magical kingdom in Fe

Fe is about a fox-like creature who journeys to eradicate its homeland from entities known as the Silent Ones. The protagonist has to find different creatures to learn various types of songs that act as safeguards against the Silent Ones.

Much like Stray, Fe is a video game where players control an animal in a world where plenty of surprises await them. Fe doesn’t hand out any instructions even in the beginning and it’s up to players to figure out where they’re supposed to go and how the Silent Ones can be fully defeated.

Okami (2006)

Okami coming across other wolves

Okami is set in classical Japan and takes heavy inspiration from the culture and mythology of its backdrop. Players control the Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu while in her form as a white wolf. Okami’s gameplay is about Amaterasu’s encounters with the various creatures of the world.

With the intention of saving the land from eternal darkness, Okami has distinct enemies that have players use the creative combat system to defeat them. Like Stray, Okami is seen from the protagonist’s point of view, as she traverses a land unknown to her to get back home and save it from evil.

Tunic (2022)

A fox evading enemies in Tunic

stray leaves players unsure of the exact purpose of each location until they can figure a way out. Similarly, Tunic has the protagonist traversing areas where fans aren’t given much indication of their mission. In its place, Tunic encourage players to solve puzzles to open up new places to access.

Tunic has an anthropomorphic fox as the main character as it explores the world that is filled with traps and danger. Puzzle-solving is the primary way to complete the game, which looks to perplex players the farther they manage to reach its intricate world.

Journey (2012)

A cloaked traveler in the desert in Journey

Among the few games that prove video games can be an art form, Journey is an adventure title where a traveler has to be guided through a desert and eventually a blizzard to reach a mountain’s peak. It’s an emotional ride that’s supposed to show the willpower of the protagonist.

Journey and stray are close in terms of tone, as the main character is left to fend for themselves in a world they’re unfamiliar with. Journey is even more interesting because players can match with someone else playing the same game without knowing their identity but venturing on the adventure together.

Flower (2009)

Flower's swarming together in a field in Flower

There are few video games that are great for fans of gardening and nature, with Flower delivering definite satisfaction in this regard. Where stray has players controlling a cat in the open world, Flower has the winds blowing a petal followed by other petals in a massive meadow.

The purpose is to transform dead grassy areas into a lush environment through the influence of the petal, eventually creating a place that resembles a paradise. Fans of stray will enjoy Flower‘s free-flowing nature, along with the sense of mystery it brings through its style and presentation.

Outer Wilds (2019)

A character playing a guitar by a fire in Outer Wilds

The central aspect of stray is the exploration of the world the cat finds itself in without knowing much about it. In the same vein, Outer Wilds has an unnamed space explorer stuck in a 22-minute time loop within which players have to figure out how to survive before the sun goes supernova.

By solving logic puzzles, the protagonist has a chance to escape the loop and the chances of death. Outer Wilds can feel stressful to those who aren’t used to time-sensitive gameplay, but the exhilarating feeling is something that everyone should experience.

Inside (2016)

A boy hiding from a robot in Inside

Inside is a dystopian game where an unnamed boy is controlled in a harsh environment and has to use the environment to sneak past dangerous foes. Like straythe focus is on the backdrop, as players need to become accustomed to the game’s world.

Inside can feel like a scary experience, which is also its strong suit since there are few games like it. As a 2.5D platformer, climbing, and running are the primary aspect of the gameplay, while the near silence of the environment gives few clues about the dangers that lurk in every corner.

Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)

Aloy uses a Blastsling in Horizon Zero Dawn

Usually considered one of the best PS4 games released, there’s a bit of everything to be found in Horizon Zero Dawn. Although its combat-based gameplay isn’t found in strayfans of the latter game will take to the exploration potential in Horizon Zero Dawnalong with the world that’s populated with robots and machines.

Both stray and Horizon Zero Dawn feature machines as foes to be avoided, with even the mysterious style coming across as similar. Of course, Horizon Zero Dawn‘s outline of protagonist Alloy discovering the secret of her origins is a thing of its own, with plenty of action-heavy elements to be found along her journey.

Never Alone (2014)

Never Alone is about an Iñupiaq girl and her fox companion, with the two looking to find a way to restore balance to their village by finding the source of a blizzard. Never Alone and stray‘s similarities come from the animal-based protagonists and the curiosity they spark in fans from the environment.

Fans can control both the girl and the fox at various points in the game since they have different areas of expertise. The fox is good for quickness and agility in exploration while the game can handle equipment and puzzles. stray fans will like the additional aspect of dividing gameplay between the two characters.

Cat Quest (2017)

Gameplay from Cat Quest

Apart from the feline protagonist, CatQuest sticks close to stray through the open world aspect. The protagonist traverses a land known as the kingdom of Felingard, with the goal of rescuing his kidnapped sister. CatQuest also has RPG elements that bolster its replay value.

It’s also geared toward the action genre, as the main character has to frequently battle foes that come in its way. CatQuest is a pretty breezy experience, which is fascinating since open world games rarely offer such fast-paced gameplay and less backtracking.

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