How to Play Stray for Free With PlayStation Plus

Do you want to know how to play stray for free with PlayStation Plus? The game about the adventures of a cute cat has gained immense popularity among the gaming community. Everyone who has ever heard about this game dreams of immersing themselves in the exciting gameplay and walking along the neon streets of an abandoned cyber city. Whether playing on PC or PS, you’ll need to buy stray or one of the subscriptions to play it. But there is good news for PS players. All PlayStation Extra, Deluxe, or Premium users can get a 7-day trial of PlayStation Plus for free and enjoy the adventures of the ginger cat at no additional cost. It’s easy to get PlayStation Plus and play stray for free, and in our guide, we’ll tell you how to do it.

Play Stray for Free With PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus covers an impressive range of the best games for all PS consoles, from PS1 to PSP and PS5. Any player will be able to find a game to their liking, regardless of their preferred genres. So this guide will be helpful not only for stray fans but also for other PS gamers.

As we said earlier, any player with an active PlayStation Extra, Deluxe, or Premium subscription can get a 7-day trial period of PlayStation Plus completely free. The only exception, perhaps, is that those players who previously purchased PlayStation Plus will not be able to get a free subscription. It sounds unfair and will upset some players who have read this far. But unfortunately, the trial subscription is for informational purposes only. And the developers are not interested in giving a subscription to those players who know what PlayStation Plus is.


Stray: How Long Does it Take to Beat?

If you haven’t used PlayStation Plus before, here’s how you can get your 7-day free trial:

  • Go to the PlayStation Plus page on the official PlayStation Store website.
  • Next, log in using your credentials.
  • Click View all membership plans.
  • Select PlayStation Plus Premium and follow the instructions. We advise you to set a reminder so that after a week, the subscription is turned off and the PlayStation Store does not charge money for the subscription.

Once you have activated your subscription, launch stray and enjoy the gameplay. stray is not a very long game and won’t take long to complete. Even if you collect memories, sheet music for a musician, and notebooks, you can complete the game in a week.

stray is available on PC and PS.

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