Last of us Part 1 compares new PS4 and PS5 graphs

Naughty Dog revealed new gameplay footage for its next remake of Last of Us. The game, which is formally titled the Last of Us Part 1 and is due out next month on PlayStation 5, has been shown more extensively in the past few weeks, particularly when a 10-minute gameplay trailer was unveiled for the project. And while this new footage isn’t anywhere as long as this video is, it shows why Naughty Dog has improved The Last of Us from its Remastered version on PS4.

The studio spokesman said that the clip is from Last of Us, part 1. This video only shows Joel riding through the forest on one of the latter level. As this footage is going to play, the graphics shift between the vp of The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 and the new visuals of The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5. As expected, the new game looks much more detailed, especially when it comes to lighting and surroundings.

Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) August 4, 2022

In general, the images seen in The Last Of Us part 1 continue to look pretty beautiful. What will be interesting in the game, though, is whether the updated gameplay mechanics are all that different from the PS4 version of The Last of Us. If you find out more on the show, then you will not miss out.

If you don’t have a date for the games before you join the game, you can expect that the last of us Part 1 of September will become PS5 next month on September 2nd. A revolving version of the game has also been done, but a revolving release window is not available for this edition.

How are you feeling about the new gameplay footage, From the Last of Us, part 1? Do you plan on picking up this remake on PS5?

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