10 best video game deals in PlayStation Summer Sale

Summer brings in sales, and PlayStation is pulling out all the stops. The sale began on July 20, bringing in a host of game discounts on its PlayStation store, which PS owners no doubt utilized extensively.

The brand is seemingly bringing in Part 2 of this Summer Sale, with more games added to the sales roster, which players can check out on the official site.

With discounts of up to 75% for some older titles, and even a few newer releases getting cut prices, this is the perfect time for players to grab the games they have been on the fence about getting.

PlayStation’s Summer Sale offers over 2000 games, bundle backs, and subscriptions at a discount, which can be a lot to sift through for most people.

In this list, players can find a select number of games worth grabbing for a discounted price from the current PlayStation’s Summer Sale lineup. The following are the 10 best deals players can get their hands on during the PlayStation Summer Sale.

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PlayStation Summer Sale is the best way to acquire select titles

1) The Quarry – 33%


Supermassive Games have had an excellent reputation with interactive horror games and had their breakout year in 2015 with the release of Until Dawn. Most recently, they released a spiritual sequel to it, The Quarry, a game with a similar premise but with much better graphics and more intuitive controls.

This single-player game sees a group of teens stuck in a summer camp at night after the area is due to be closed off for the season. When mysterious attacks start happening, they must try to find a way out of the camp while trying to survive whoever or whatever hunts them.

Released on June 10, 2022, this game is a relatively recent title, which currently has a 33% discount on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions during the PlayStation Summer Sale. Fans of horror movies do not want to miss out on The Quarry because, as far as horror games go, Supermassive has an impressive track record.

2) God of War – 50%


2018’s soft reboot of God of War was one of the best games of the year, and four years later still stands the test of time. Santa Monica studios took a deeper take on the Spartan Warrior after his rampage through the Greek Pantheon.

A more world-weary Kratos now struggles with the weight of being a single father as hostile forces threaten his home.

The game saw the action shift to the northern lands, which are ruled over by the Norse gods, known as the Aesir and Vanir. Kratos and his son Atreus must travel to the tallest peak in all the realms to scatter the ashes of Faye, this recently deceased wife.

However, things are never that simple for Kratos as he and Atreus get tangled up in a more significant conflict between the gods and the giants.

For those who haven’t yet played the game, this is a great time to grab it on the PSN store, as it currently offers a 50% discount. This is the best time to get into the game as a sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, is due for release later this year, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

3) Far Cry 6 – 55% – 60%


Ubisoft released their latest entry into the Far Cry series in October 2021 with Far Cry 6. While it has received mixed reviews, this remains a must-get for many fans of the series, who will be able to appreciate the finer details of the game .

Bringing back the classic Far Cry formula in a new open-world environment, this is the best title the series has to offer.

PlayStation users can currently grab Far Cry 6 on the PS store for discounted prices, with the standard edition getting a 55% off while the gold edition has a 60%.

While the standard edition includes just the base game, the Gold edition comes bundled with Season Pass content.

Set on a fictional island nation called Yara, players take on the role of a guerilla fighter known as Dani Rojas. Dani is a part of a rebel movement that aims to overthrow Yara’s dictator, Antón Castillo (portrayed by the spectacular Giancarlo Esposito). The game can be played in single-player or co-operative multiplayer.

4) It Takes Two – 50%


Indie developer Hazelight Studios gained much recognition in 2021 after the release of It Takes Two. This co-operative-only game saw two players play online multiplayer or local split-screen to work together throughout the story by overcoming hurdles as a team. It won the Game of the Year award at The Game Awards 2021 and the 25th Annual DICE awards.

It Takes Two is available with a 50% discount for its PS5 and PS4 versions on the PlayStation store. The game also comes with a Friend’s Pass, which can be given to another console owner, ensuring that each purchase allows at least two people to play co-operatively.

The game’s story revolves around a couple on the verge of separating when they suddenly get turned into dolls. They must put their differences aside and work together to find a way back to their original bodies and return to their original lives.

A linear story, separated into several different and diverse levels, this game will teach many people the true lessons behind working as a team.

5) Evil Dead: The Game – 25%


Based on the evil Dead movies, directed by Sam Raimi, and the show Ash vs. evil Deadthe game was a love letter to the popular horror franchise.

As developed and published by Saber Interactive, Evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where four players compete against one in a balanced, objective-based gameplay scenario.

Players can choose to be one of four survivors who must work together to collect the pages of the Necronomicon and eventually banish the demon haunting the area.

Alternatively, a player can also become a demon with many supernatural abilities to choose from and try to kill all the survivors before they complete their objective.

Released on May 13, 2022, this title is available for a 23% discount on the PlayStation Store as a part of the Summer Sale. Both PS5 and PS4 versions have the same discounts, while additional content such as the Classic Bundle and Season Pass 1 is available for 20% and 17%, respectively.

6) Alien: Insulation – 75%


One of the best adaptations of a movie franchise into a game is Alien: Isolation, which Creative Assembly developed. Released on October 7, 2014, this survival horror game tells a new story in the Alien universe, which follows Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, the movie’s main protagonist.

The game primarily takes place on the space station known as the Sevastopol, where Amanda searches for her mother. However, things take a decidedly dark turn abroad. As an alien predatory species (known as the Xenomorph to the fan base), this space vessel has seemingly made its way inside.

Alien: Isolation is full of intense, heart-pounding sections that constantly test the player’s nerves and ability to keep a cool head while an apex predator hunts them. This great example of a horror game currently has a 75% discount on the PlayStation store.

7) Jurassic World Evolution 2 – standard and deluxe 45%


For those who enjoyed the older Jurassic Park movies and even the most recent Jurassic World ones and thought to themselves that they would love to build a park for themselves, Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the game for them.

Released on November 9, 2021, this is only the second game in this series but significantly improves upon its predecessor.

Players can play out the story mode, which tasks them with managing certain scenarios after the events of the second and third Jurassic World movies.

They can collect escaped dinosaurs and create a safe facility to thrive for a while, ensuring that they are content and do not try to escape again.

The sandbox mode is the most fun to play, which lets players create their own Jurassic Parks from scratch, with little to no limitations. The game is currently available on the PlayStation Store, sporting a 45% discount for both the PS5 and PS4 versions.

8) Disco Elysium – The Final Cut – 50%


Cited as one of the best games ever made, Disco Elysium has become a cultural phenomenon, with a TV series adaptation announced in 2020. The expanded version of the game titled Disco Elysium – The Final Cut was released for consoles in 2021, with the PlayStation releases hitting stores on March 21.

This game version features full voice acting and new content, heightening the experience of an already great game. Disco Elysium features an unreliable narrator as a protagonist who works as a detective and must uncover the mystery behind a murder while accompanied by his partner Kim Kitsuragi.

Set in an isometric environment through which players must control the character, the game has a distinct art style with an oil-painted look, which sets it apart from other games. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut has a 50% discount during the PlayStation Summer Sale.

9) LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 25%


LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was released on April 5, 2022, and was one of the most fun games of the year so far. Bringing in the entire story told through the nine mainline Star Wars movies, the game featured all three main eras of the universe, where fans could partake in many iconic moments in the franchise.

The game features a wide range of planets to explore, which serves as its main hub area. Players can play through the story in any order of the eras, which include the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, and the sequel trilogy. Along the way, they will get to play iconic characters from this galaxy, as well as a few lesser-known names.

Despite being a recent game, it is on discount during the PlayStation Summer Sale event, with a 25% price reduction. Both the PS4 and PS5 versions have this discount, and fans of the franchise should not miss out on this game, which is a great LEGO experience and a fantastic Star Wars journey.

10) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – 75%


Finally, another Star Wars game to cap off this list is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This game from developer Respawn was a single-player game from this franchise after a long time and was warmly received. A sequel titled Jedi: Survivor is also in development and is set to release sometime next year.

This action-adventure game is sitting pretty with a 75% discount on the PlayStation store, which is a great deal to get if players have not yet tried this title. With Jedi: Survivor coming next year, players can familiarize themselves with protagonist Cal Kestis and the new and intuitive lightsaber combat.

Fallen Order follows the hero, a Jedi padawan, while he is on the run from the Empire. This leads him to a small group of similar-minded individuals who have plans to resurrect the Jedi Order. Cal must decide if he is ready to trust other people as well as in the Force and accept his calling or continue running & hiding from the Empire.

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