Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Cat Game Stray

The gaming industry can trace its roots all the way back to the 1950s, and in that time, just about every new and original idea conceivable has been used in one form or another in a video game. With games about war, about post-apocalypses, about the medieval era, about dragons, and about Norse mythology, it can seem as though everything has been done before in some capacity. But every once in a while, a game comes along with such a unique, fun idea, that it gets an instant following. BlueTwelve’s stray may be one such game.


Announced on June 11, 2020 by PlayStation, stray is a third-person adventure game where players control a stray cat. With environmental puzzles and platforming at its core, stray, on paper, is nothing all that new, and animal-centric games have been done since the early days of mascot platformers. However, stray has one, big hook that sets it apart from the competition: its cyberpunk setting.

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A Cyberpunk Future Through a Cat’s Eyes

In the last few years, the cyberpunk genre has had plenty of exposure. From CD Projekt Red’s high-profile Cyberpunk 2077to smaller Indie titles like Ruin, the cyberpunk aesthetic has gone from something quite niche in the gaming industry, to one of the most used overlays in the last few years. Despite the genre reaching dangerously high levels of oversaturation, a game about a stray cat trying to calmly navigate his way through a neon-soaked world might be the one stand out from the crowd.

Set in a world populated by robots, stray is very much a cyberpunk game, with the environments taking a great deal of inspiration from the walled city of Kowloon. Assuming the role of the titular stray, players will have to navigate their way around these large city environments, pulling aside crates to climb up, and solving other calm environmental puzzles. To make the game even more cyberpunk-y, the stray is accompanied by a drone companion, B-12, who is capable of translating robot dialog for the player.

Nothing about stray‘s cyberpunk aesthetic or setting is necessarily original, but the game’s unique perspective is what makes it stand out. While other cyberpunk games put players in the shoes of an unkillable mercenary, with mantis blades for hands and unrivaled hacking abilities, stray strips that all back, allowing the player to traverse each environment at their leisure, allowing them to truly take in the futuristic setting. stray‘s art style enhances this a great deal, with the perfect amount of realism being applied to elements such as the cat’s fur coat and the weather effects, while enough stylization is given to the more cyberpunk elements.

In a year filled with third and first-person action games, stray really stands out, presenting itself as an atmospheric adventure above all else. That being said, stray still has plenty of tense moments for those who aren’t huge fans of entirely peaceful games. Throughout stray, players will encounter Zurks, who will hunt the stray down. While this will undoubtedly lead to some intense chase sequences, the gameplay won’t be quite as action-heavy or intensive as something like Elden Ringoffering a unique experience.

Yew stray‘s unique setting and perspective isn’t enough to convince players that they should give the game a go, then maybe it being free will be. For those subscribed to PlayStation’s new PS Plus Extra tier (or the Premium tier above it), stray will be free to download on launch day. Of course, this technically isn’t “free,” but for those already subscribed there really isn’t any reason not to give stray a go on its July 19 release date.

stray launches July 19 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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