Stray Could Come To Xbox Soon

A Stray Xbox version seems to be in development, after the game released as a PlayStation exclusive.

Stray A 1
A Stray Xbox version is most likely on the way. | © Annapurna

Stray by developer BlueTwelve has become a bit of a sensation, conquering Twitter overnight. You most like have seen one of those videos of playing the cat adventure with their actual cats, which was very cute for a bit. The game is one of the best-selling and best-rated games of the year, and we absolutely understand why. It’s absolutely wonderful and wholesome, and we really loved the game as well. Even though it might look otherwise, not everyone was able to play Stray since release though.

At its initial release, Stray has been exclusive for PS4, PS5 & PC. So Xbox & Switch players didn’t get to enjoy the lovely cat game… yet. If you weren’t able to play Stray, don’t worry: It seems all but confirmed that there will be a Stray Xbox version.

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Stray Xbox Version Likely Coming

There is currently no Xbox version of Stray, but hope for a release of the game on Microsoft consoles is not completely lost yet. That is due to a small detail in the very first teaser trailer for the game, released in 2020. Check out the teaser here:

At the end of the trailer, it says, “Console exclusive for a limited time”which strongly suggests that Stray will come to other consoles than the PlayStation. BlueTwelve and publisher Annapurna Interactive seem to have struck a limited exclusivity deal with Sony, which is something that we see a lot in gaming nowadays.

When Stray Will Come To Xbox

How long the PS-exclusivity will last, is not clear yet, though. Usually, these kinds of deals last around a year, which would mean that Stray could come to Xbox around mid 2023.

Will Stray Come To Xbox Game Pass?

Whether Stray will come to Xbox Game Pass is not clear yet. We can only speculate, and considering the big success of the game, we think that Microsoft will definitely try to strike a deal to get it onto Xbox Game Pass as soon as possible. The game is already available for PC via Steam, so even without an Xbox-version, it could (theoretically) come to PC Game Pass.


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