Elden Ring Player Takes Out PvP Opponent With a Single Hit

One talented Elden Ring player shares a video that shows them defeating an opponent with a single strike in the game’s online mode.

Elden Ring is known for its immense difficulty, as it is among the most challenging games out there. The FromSoftware title is full of formidable bosses that pose a tough challenge to gamers. Certain bosses like Malenia have acquired the reputation of being the hardest boss in Elden Ring, as players spend hundreds of hours trying to beat her. On the other hand, gamers like Let Me Solo Her are famous for defeating Malenia more than a thousand times.

Meanwhile, fans always have the option to test their skills against other people in the game’s player-versus-player mode, and some players can be just as dangerous as AI-controlled foes like Malenia. Gamers can go directly against one another, invade another player’s world, or use the co-op mode to battle together. Players often use elaborate techniques in PvP fights, but their plans often don’t come to fruition, such as the Elden Ring player who applied several buffs and still lost almost instantaneously.


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In a similar incident, a Reddit user uploaded a video showing a huge skill gap when it comes to playing Elden Ring. A player who goes by the username Daddy_Gwyn on Reddit shared a brief clip on the social media platform showing their adventures in the PvP multiplayer mode. The video initially shows a Recusant attacking the user, who instantly retreats and moves away from the attacks. Then, Daddy_Gwyn switches their weapon to a massive greatsword and waits for the rival to approach them. As soon as the attacker is close enough, the original poster uses the Giant Hunt skill to take them out in a single strike.

Furthermore, the video continues to show two similar instances where Daddy_Gwyn takes out the same opponent in single hits using different Elden Ring skills. On the following two occasions, the user applies Flaming Strike and Claw Flick skills to get the better of their rival. Unsurprisingly, the post received widespread appreciation from the Reddit community, as seen by more than 9000 upvotes with a 98% upvote ratio and hundreds of comments. Most comments were centered around praise for the original poster’s playing ability and criticism of the opponent’s poor gameplay decisions.

Interestingly, it should be noted that Daddy_Gwyn wields dual weapons, with the famous “Pizza Cutter” weapon as their preferred choice. The original name of this Elden Ring weapon is Ghiza’s Wheel, and it is among the most highly coveted items since gamers have used it to cheese Malenia and other hard-to-beat bosses.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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