A Letter to the Future Delayed

PlayStation console exclusive Season: A Letter to the Future, which has been prominently showcased in State of Plays, is being delayed.

Season: A Letter to the Future, has been a fixture in recent PlayStation State of Play presentations. The indie game’s impressive visuals make it easy to see why. Developer Scavengers Studio has outdone itself by creating a cast of endearing characters and a gorgeously-realized world to explore. Early momentum and strong marketing don’t finish a game’s development, however. Scavengers has unfortunately confirmed that it won’t be able to meet its previously announced release date for Season: A Letter to the Future.


On Friday, Scavengers officially announced that Season: A Letter to the Future had been delayed. The atmospheric adventure game was initially planned to be released this fall on PC, PS4, and PS5. The PlayStation console exclusive will now be arriving in 2023, though it isn’t a substantial delay. The new release window is Q1, a delay of just several months. A specific release date hasn’t been confirmed, however, likely to give Scavengers some flexibility as development continues.

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A message shared by the Season: A Letter to the Future development team added some clarity to the delay. Scavengers explains that it has ambitious goals for Season: A Letter to the Future, but not at the expense of the team’s wellbeing. The delay will allow Scavengers the time it needs to finish the game while also prioritizing employee health.

Given the opportunity, Scavengers also takes the time to thank everyone that’s been following and supporting the development of Season: A Letter to the Future since it was first announced. Scavengers acknowledges that it’s “fortunate to have such a passionate and talented” following, noting that the team loves to see fan art and read conversations about Season. The reactions to the June trailer for Season: A Letter to the Futurein particular, “warmed our hearts.”

Scavengers thanks its fans for all of their support and also says that it appreciates everyone’s patience as the development team continues to work on Season: A Letter to the Future. Having to inform a game’s community that it’s been delayed is no easy thing to do, especially just a month after the game was featured so prominently during a major PlayStation games showcase.

Delays are only natural in the video game industry, of course. PlayStation wanting to feature an indie game so heavily, particularly for a holiday release, is disappointing to follow-up with a delay, though a winter 2023 launch could work out well. It could also give PlayStation another opportunity or two to showcase Season: A Letter to the Future at a big event this holiday season. Fans can expect more information later this year.

Season: A Letter to the Future releases Q1 2023 on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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