Stray Publisher Announces New Game Flock

Flock is a cooperative multiplayer experience about the joys of flight and collecting creatures, according to publisher Annapurna Interactive.

gaming publisher Annapurna Interactive will likely be known to gamers due to the recent release and major success of stray. While the game that sees players take on the role of a cat in a futuristic environment may be a short experience, it is certainly a memorable one, and stray quickly became Annapurna’s most played game on Steam. However, before Stray, Annapurna was still a publisher known for producing some quality indie titles, and it seems that won’t be changing anytime soon.


Recently, Annapurna Interactive hosted a showcase where it displayed some new upcoming titles. One of these was a creature collecting video game called flock. With a reveal trailer that lasts around a minute, flock didn’t show off much when it came to gameplay or narrative, but from the first few seconds of footage, viewers were introduced to the stylistic and colorful graphics of the game. As well as being shown the cartoonish, calming atmosphere that flock provides, viewers also got a glimpse at what its core gameplay will revolve around.

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In flock, the goal is to collect flying creatures. It seems that the developers at Hollow Ponds are combining the meaning of flock as both a group of birds and one of sheep, as both flying creatures and the bleating bovine can be brought into the unique herd players will create in flock. Similar to straythe gameplay around flock appears to have a heavy focus on discovery. However, unlike the futuristic world of stray, flock will allow for a much calmer journey through sprawling fields and more natural environments.

Players won’t have to journey through these lands alone in flockand it has been classified by the developers as a co-op adventure, meaning that it may be best to collect some sheep and flying creatures with a friend. flock launches as a Day One Xbox Game Pass title and will also be available on Steam, PS4, and PS5 when it drops sometime in 2023. flock was not the only title to be confirmed at Annapurna’s showcase, and some other unique games were displayed as well, including stylish turn-based RPG Thirty Suitors.

There was also an announcement that both surprised and excited nostalgic gamers as Katamari Damacy creator Kaeita Takahashi teased his next project through Annapurna Interactive’s Twitter account. With a small nod to Takahashi’s work on the Katamari series, this project appears to be going in an entirely new direction, so it’s one one fans will want to watch.

flock launches in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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