PS5 stock – live: Currys, AO, Argos, Game and Scan restocks are still available – how to buy a console

<p>On the hunt for the elusive console?  Here’s where you can buy it today </p>
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On the hunt for the elusive console? Here’s where you can buy it today

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Update 29 July: The PS5 is in stock at the BT Shop, AO, EE and Argoswith bundles also available at game, scan and curries. The PS5 has sold out at Very and Amazon. Read on for more information.

Since its launch in 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been ridiculously difficult to get a hold of. Supply chain issues stemming from the coronavirus pandemic have brought the production of Sony’s latest games console to a near-standstill.

Thankfully, the stock situation has improved massively in recent months, with PS5 bundles being readily available in at least one retailer since late April, with Game and the BT Shop, plus several independent retailers like The Game Collection and Scan leading the charge.

So far, this avalanche of console restocks has continued throughout the summer. But while restocks have become more frequent, buying a console on its own is still a challenge, with retailers preferring to restock bundles over the standalone console – those sell out in the blink of an eye. Digital consoles – bundles included – were even more difficult to find until just this week, where we’ve finally seen the cheaper console arrive at several retailers.

If you’re still hunting down the elusive PlayStation 5, we’ve got one tip for you – sit yourself down on this liveblog and watch for your real-time alerts. Our aim is to secure you a next-gen machine, whether that’s a bundle, or a standalone disc or digital edition console, as well as provide you with the details on the best games and accessories to nab alongside your new console, plus the latest game reviews.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:

Check stock from US PS5 retailers below:


What’s included in the AO bundle?

If you’re looking to pick up a new console from AO, then they currently have a bundle with Gran Turismo 7 and an extra dualsense controller included for £579 (

The extra controller will come in handy, if you’re planning on playing one of our favorite racing games on the PS5 with a friend through split-screen mode.



What’s the cheapest bundle available at Game?

If you’re wondering which bundles are still left at Game, then it appears that the standalone consoles and Horizon Forbidden West bundles are completely sold out – so what’s the next cheapest on offer there?

Currently, there is a bundle available with a copy of Forbidden West, an extra controller and a t-shirt for £584.97.



Morning, PS5 trackers

Welcome back console trackers, we’re here with the PS5 liveblog to close out the week!

Right now, you can pick up a PS5 at the BT Shop, AO, EE, Game, Scan, Currys and Argos.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the other big retailers for any developments, so stay tuned for updates.


Live blog signing off

That brings another day of PS5 restock tracking to a close. As we pull down the IndyBest shutters for the evening, we can see that console bundles are still available at several retailers, including Verytea BT Shop, AO, EE and Argos. Meaning, the lesser-spotted PS5 digital edition is available as part of a bundle from game, scan and currieswhich has no fewer than 13 bundles in stock.

As ever, we’ll be back tomorrow with more PS5 restocking news.


How to buy the official Playstation mobile controller by Backbone

Gaming accessory maker Backbone has announced the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition, an officially licensed controller for iPhone users to play their favorite games on the go.

The controller, which mimics the design of the PS5’s Dualsense gamepad, works with the PS remote play iPhone app and allow you to stream games from either your PS4 or PS5, to play while away from your console.

If you want to find out how much the Backbone One will cost, where to buy and what features are included then have a read of the article below.


The best 4K TV for your new PS5

If you’ve just bought a PS5 then you might well be in the market for a new television, too. The PS5 outputs video at 4K resolution and can even handle games running at 120 frames per second. That’s something not all TVs can manage, so if you want to see your new console running at its best, a new TV could be worthwhile.

We’ve rounded up nine of the best TVs available right now, from manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic, among others. And the great news is you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great 4K television – prices of our favorites start at under £400.


When will PlayStation Direct have another PS5 restock?

Despite it being Sony’s official online PlayStation store, PS Direct isn’t terribly good at stocking up on PS5 consoles. The website launched in the UK towards the end of 2021 and put in an impressive shift over Christmas, with loads of console restocks to keep gamers happy.

But for much of 2022 it’s been rather quiet. We saw just one restock a month between January and March, the two in April and May, before returning to once monthly through June and July. With August fast approaching, it doesn’t look like we’ll see any more stock this month, with the site simply saying the PS5 has sold out.


New PS VR2 headset: Everything you need to know

Sony is working on a new virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5, called the PS VR2. Announced in 2021 and given its name at the start of 2022, the headset will be a successor to the original PS VR that arrived back in 2016. A release date isn’t known for now, but we have a feeling the headset will land before the end of 2022, likely in the autumn, and it’ll likely cost around the same as the original did when that was new, at about £350.

In a recent Playstation Blog post written by product manager Yasuo Takahashi in July 2022, some new features were shared of what the PS VR2 set is capable of, and there are some seriously impressive new features.

One of the most notable is the “see-through” view, which allows users to see their surroundings without removing the headset, thanks to front-facing cameras. The post said, “Users can press the function button on the headset, or use the card in the control center, to switch between viewing your surroundings or viewing the contents of the PS VR2.”


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How big is the PS5?

Not as strange a question as you might think, because the PS5 is massive. It’s often an easy joke to say how big the next generation of game consoles are, ever since the chunky original Xbox arrived, followed by the even bigger PS3

But, while the Xbox series X is also rather large, it’s the PS5 that is least likely to fit under your television. The digital edition is slightly slimmer, due to not having a disc drive, but both consoles are equally tall when stood on end.

They are 390mm tall and 260mm deep, while the disc edition is 104mm thick and the digital edition is 92mm. Both consoles are intended to be stood upright, but also come with a plastic stand to help them rest on their side – likely the only way most buyers will fit the console under their TV.

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