Time-Lapse Minecraft Video Makes the Game Look Like a SimCity Build

SimCity and Minecraft are not too dissimilar in that both encourage building, and a video shows how the latter can look exactly like the former.

Minecraft has so much to offer that it doesn’t feel as though there will ever come a time when there will be nothing to talk about when it comes to this title. along with Fortnite and Genshin Impact, Mojang’s open-world sandbox IP is a popular game that doesn’t require high end PC specs, which is part of the appeal. However, where Minecraft differs is the near-infinite amount of replayability. And while it has a distinct and instantly recognizable look, it is possible to make it look like a different game.


Take Reddit user pycraft as an example. Recently, they uploaded a video showing their progress in Minecraft. Ordinarily, this would likely be a short clip in which the player would wander or float around their project to give a quick overview of whatever they’ve created. Not in this case. What pycraft has done instead is create a time-lapse video, shot from a distance, of seven years’ worth of work. What’s most interesting about this is how it actually makes it look like a metropolis of some kind that’s been constructed in something more akin to SimCity.

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Many fans remember the simulation franchise well. With the last entry in the series being the 2014 mobile game SimCity: BuildItsome would love to see SimCity make a triumphant return, especially given how the genre has grown over the years. The video that pycraft shows on Reddit does not appear to be intentionally similar to the original Maxis game, but some might not help but see uncanny similarities. The way that the city is built over the years and how it moves along in time really does suggest a kind of SimCity-type of gameplay element to it. One other person commenting on the Reddit thread even made this connection.

Of course, that’s not to undo what the user has built over the space of seven years. There are many fans who are only too keen to create some fantastic cities within Minecraft. These take a lot of time, effort, and creativity, so just the fact that pycraft has spent so long constructing their city is impressive in and of itself.

Although some may consider Minecraft to be a video game more suitable for children, it transcends age groups and appeals to millions of people across the globe. With so many creative players producing incredible builds, the fact that the game has been out for well over a decade now doesn’t seem to be stopping it from still being one of the most popular games in the world.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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