PS4 Inscryption Port Could Be Coming Soon Based On New Ratings

A new listing on the Australian Ratings Board website suggests that a PS4 port of the popular indie horror game Inscryption may soon be on the way.

A PS4 port for the deckbuilding horror game Registration may be on the way, according to a new ratings board listing. Registration was nominated for a 2022 BAFTA following its initial release for PC last year, and is broadly considered to be one of the best games of 2021.

Registration‘s engaging gameplay has helped it to build an enthusiastic fanbase, especially the deckbuilding aspect central to the title. This is what led to the release of Kaycee’s Mod, a free update that turned the first act’s iconic card game into an endless roguelike mode. This new gameplay mode also made new additions to the lore surrounding Registration, thanks to the logs left behind by the owner Kaycee Hobbes. This only built on the game’s popularity; the dark and twisting storyline of the main game already held its fair share of surprises for players, who encountered many intriguing mysteries as they made their way through the three acts of Registration‘s story.


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Now it seems that Registration‘s reach may be expanding even further. Destructoid reports that a new listing for Registration has appeared on the website of the Australian Classification Board, which provides age ratings and content warnings for both films and video games in Australia. This listing, created on July 4 2022, is specifically for a Playstation 4 release, indicating the existence of a port that has not yet been officially announced. Although not confirmed by the game’s developer, this would certainly make sense as a way to capitalize on the game’s positive reputation among gamers. It has already been the inspiration for a deckbuilding Pokemon fan game, for example, and could easily prompt similar projects in the future.

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Registration‘s new PS4 rating is an M for mature, for featuring what the board terms a ‘Moderate Impact’ in terms of Themes, Language, and Violence. This refers to Registration‘s clear depiction of the supernatural and violent scenes, as well as audible cursing. None of this is too surprising, especially when considering that Registration is a horror title, and it should also be noted that the game appears to have not received an age-restricted rating despite this content. Of course, the Australian Classification Board is somewhat notorious in the video game world. It was this same body that previously banned Disco Elysium: The Final Cutwhich was un-banned later following a review.

This will no doubt be welcome news to the many console gamers who are interested in playing Registration. Despite the lack of official confirmation as of yet, the fact that the Classification Board would not make this rating without some form of prompting makes it very strong evidence of a PS4 port’s existence. Furthermore, although only a PS4 listing has been made so far, it is not unreasonable to assume that other console ports may also be in the works. A PS5 port to match that of the PS4 certainly seems more likely than not, for example, and this then also raises the possibility of Xbox and Switch releases. While there is still no news regarding a potential sequel for Registrationas many current fans are hoping for, this is proof that Registration‘s time in the limelight is not completely over just yet.

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Sources: Destructoid, Australian Classification Board

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