A Green Lantern Game Could Happen

This week we talked about a potential Black Panther game in the works. And now, we have another rumor about another superhero game. This time, we could have a Green Lantern game in the works. There are some things that might suggest that Warner could start working on a Green Lantern videogame. It has been quite a while since we got a game that stars Green Lantern. So, with the rise of some superhero video games lately, seeing one from this hero could be great. As always, it is a matter of waiting to see what the future has for gamers.

A Green Lantern Game Could Be In The Works Due To A Trademark Registration

According to the people who found the information, a trademark was made back in 2018 for a Green Lantern game. While it might not specify the game itself, the trademark points at it quite clearly. With the information resurfacing about a Green Lantern videogame, gamers can be a lot more hopeful now. It has been a while since we got a good Green Lantern game. Actually, it’s been a while since we got anything good about Green Lantern. That last movie was not the best, to say the least.

Green Lantern Possible Game

It could be great to see other superheroes take their stories to video games. Insomniac did great work with Spiderman. Both the PS4 game and Spiderman: Miles Morales. And are now working on the sequel for Spiderman. People would only hope that the Green Lantern game would follow that gameplay or something better.

On the other hand, we have games like avengers. Which was not good, it was full of microtransactions, and even with new characters, people didn’t like it that much. So, on this side, we hope the Green Lantern videogame won’t turn out like this one. We’ll just have to wait and see if this videogame is actually in the works.

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