PS1 Game Features for PS4, PS5 Revealed

PlayStation fans, particularly those subscribed to Playstation Plus, are eagerly waiting for the new model to activate and flood their consoles with games, features, and options. With the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, Sony is bringing PS1 games to both PS4 and PS5, and with them, a host of display features.

PlayStation is following up a set of previous reveals about the PS Plus Premium, such as the save state and rewind features. Fans are pleasantly surprised at the host of PS1 games that are going to be included in the subscription, and these extra features have been an added bonus.


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Display settings for emulators are always a point of contention among fans, but one thing that has often been agreed upon is that the more options and features there are, the better. PlayStation does not disappoint and includes the ability to play PS1 games at native resolution, a choice between a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, or even playing the game in the stretched mode. The big feature reveal, though, is that the PS1 games are able to be played with a display filter applied, one of three possible filters, actually: Default, Retro Classic (pictured below), and Modern.

It isn’t entirely certain what these different display filters are doing to the picture, but the Retro Classic filter appears to be similar to how the image would have looked on a classic CRT type television, which will prove to be a heavy hit of nostalgia for fans who remember playing PS1 games on their TVs many years ago. Once PlayStation reveals actual gameplay footage with these filters in action, it will become more clear exactly how they will affect the PS1 games that players will be diving into once the service activates.

There are a variety of nostalgic joys involved in playing retro games, and one of them is being able to play them in a way that reminds the player of when they were younger. These display filters accomplish this purpose by allowing fans to experience the games they once played with the same graphical integrity that was present in those times.

Currently, it is unclear exactly how these display features and graphical settings will work, or if they will be featured for every PS1 game available on the service. However, the fact that PlayStation is working to include these features promises players extensive support as the subscription is rolled out.

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