Stray: Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Following its release on the PlayStation and PC platforms, stray has generated a lot of attention. Players are also curious whether it is available on the Nintendo Switch. As you can anticipate, there is a lot of enthusiasm in going on a brand-new cat-centered cyberpunk adventure. Additionally, you may play it on devices other than PlayStation Plus Premium, which is wonderful news. But learning about the existing exclusive agreement system would frustrate some players. Be stray coming to Nintendo Switch or not?

Is Stray on Nintendo Switch?

Stray On Nintendo Switch

There has been no information about Stray’s availability on the Nintendo Switch for 2022.

It should be noted that stray is still only available on PS4, PS5, and PC, and neither Annapurna Interactive nor BlueTwelve Studio has mentioned it coming to other systems. Although stray is currently only available on the PlayStation system, you can still play it on the go with the Steam Deck, much as you would with a Nintendo Switch.

In relation to audience retention and attention, the Switch has developed into a treasure mine of independent games. Since stray is presently only labeled as a timed limited console exclusive, there is optimism that it may eventually be released on other platforms.

The developers showed a note stating that the game will be a PlayStation platform exclusive for a brief period at the conclusion of the game’s teaser video from 2020.

Although the duration of this suspension hasn’t been specified, it is probable that stray won’t be available for the Nintendo Switch in 2022.


Stray: The Ending Explained

stray may now be played on PS4 and PS5 without costing any more money, it should be emphasized. You can enroll in the Extra or PS Plus Premium Tiers as part of an ongoing subscription. You will gain access without purchasing a copy from the PlayStation Store. Additionally, it enables users to use the new features without purchasing a subscription package. They do this by enrolling in a new seven-day membership trial.

stray is available on PC and PS.

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