Skyrim Fan Shares Clip of NPC Taking Down Dragon in an Incredible Way

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is still one of the most popular action role-playing games around the world and millions of fans love diving into the fantasy world as the Dragonborn and go on adventures. The world of Skyrim is full of magical settings, interesting characters, and a myriad of different activities and quests for players to immerse themselves into as they traverse the landscape.

One of the most impressive and iconic features of this massive world is Skyrim‘s dragons, which are massive and beautifully designed fantastical enemies that roam the skies, waiting for an opportunity to strike a settlement or caravan. Throughout the world of Skyrim, players can run into a variety of random events and encounters, including dragon attacks, and the player can decide whether or not to get involved.


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In one such encounter, Redditor Patches notices a Whiterun guard, which is one type of NPC in Skyrim, taking out a dragon in an incredible way – by jumping onto the dragon’s neck and repeatedly stabbing its head, reminiscent of a kill cam option that can sometimes occur when the player character defeats a dragon. Often in Skyrim, players will manipulate the enemy AI and cause different monsters to fight each other in the wild, and the Whiterun guards will usually help the player character battle against giants or dragons as well. Usually, this just entails firing a few arrows or taking a few stabs at the dragon before ultimately dying to the dragon’s superior firepower – but this Whiterun guard is apparently on a different level and completely annihilates the dragon, even triggering a killcam animation.

Killcams in Skyrim can be epic and impressive, but they can also be anti-climactic and glitchy. Basically, the game has a set percent chance to go into a cinematic cutscene at the end of a fight in which the player decapitates someone or performs an acrobatic kill or even a great slow motion, long-range arrow shot. In all of these instances, though, the commonality is that the player is the one performing the kill and getting the killcam, whereas Redditor Patches notices a Whiterun guard going into the killcam animation.

Skyrim is technically not a current generation game in terms of graphical fidelity and visuals, as it was initially released in 2011 – and though it has been remastered multiple times since then, the animations and assets are still previous gen, causing many people to install Skyrim graphic mods. However, killcams are still entertaining and satisfying to watch as the player finishes a difficult fight, or when an NPC finishes the fight for them.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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