Marvel’s Midnight Suns Shows Off Spider-Man Gameplay

Marvel’s Midnight Suns shows off a short look at how everyone’s favorite webslinger will play in the upcoming tactical RPG experience.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns appeared as a unique superhero video game right from its first reveal. Developed by Firaxis, known for its work on the X-COM and Civilization franchises, Midnight Suns follows a similar tactical style of gameplay, with Marvel heroes replacing the custom squad members that players could create in the studio’s previous sci-fi strategy titles. While some fans were unsure of the card mechanics featured in Marvel’s Midnight Suns at first, the game has been steadily building a good train of hype with character reveals and new trailers.


One of the most recently revealed characters is Spider-Man, who joined the game’s roster alongside Scarlet Witch in a Summer Games Fest trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. This left one character slot left for the game, but fans were more than happy to let Spidey take one of the final spots in the title’s roster. With the success of Insomniac’s Spiderman games, there are many who are glad to see the prolific character making an appearance alongside some fellow Marvel heroes rather than be left on his own.

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While Spider-Man has been revealed for some time, Firaxis has only now shown off how the webslinger will play in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. In a thirty-second video posted to the game’s YouTube channel, there isn’t an extensive look at Spider-Man gameplay, but there is enough of an idea for fans to see how the character will fight. A lot of Spider-Man’s moves seem to be borrowed from the PS4 games, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the combat of that title made the superhero feel incredibly fun to play.

There are some new additions to Spider-Man’s moveset shown off in the trailer, including his “Demon-Webber” ability, which appears to set Spider-Man on fire before he launches into the air. Then, flaming limbs sprout from the back of the superhero’s suit just before the trailer ends. Spider-Man will also have the ability to bind enemies with his webs, as shown in the trailer. Compared to the other revealed gameplay for Marvel’s Midnight SunsSpider-Man appears as a hero that deals well with crowds of enemies, binding them and knocking them over with AoE attacks.

Finally, the trailer also features some of Yuri Lowenthal’s voice acting for Spider-Man who also played the webslinger in Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) to great fan reception. Now, he is taking over the role for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and again, fans are glad to see him as Spider-Man. Some stated that as they know Spider-Man the best from the 2018 game, hearing Lowenthal’s performance again is like running into an old friend.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns releases October 7 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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