New To eSports Betting? We’ve Got You Covered

Just heard that your favorite game has a live tournament series that you can bet on but are not sure how? That’s exactly what we are going to go over throughout this article, so buckle up and get your thinking headset on.

What is Esports & What Is Esports Betting

Esports is a sort of online gaming competition that has been around for a while and has the current trend in the sports world. The best thing about esports is that many of the participants are not pro athletes with years of training, but rather a casual video game enthusiasts who with time became pros and now compete against each other online.

Furthermore, gaming influencers are now athletes in their own right since they have become the face of eSport. There are a number of streaming platforms that allow fans to see their favorite athletes in action in real-time. Since organized contests have been a cornerstone of video game culture since the late 2000s, professional gamers and viewers of these tournaments via live streaming have seen a significant increase in popularity. Esports betting is becoming increasingly popular as a result of the increased worldwide interest in esports.

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic many of the popular wagering sports were unfortunately canceled. This left room for E-Sports to grow significantly with many punters looking for new options to play on Esports seemed a perfect fit.

So what is E-Sports betting and how does it vary from sports betting?

At the very least, you should have some knowledge of the video games that are being played in esports. If you don’t, you will be unable to make sound wagers.

You don’t need to be an expert, but you do need to know how matches are played and even some of the techniques and strategies that are involved. Although there are many esports games, the bulk of professional competitions is based on a few famous titles.

Step 1: First Steps Into eSports Gambling

Before you get ahead of yourself and do all the research on the particular game you will be wagering on, first, you need to find a good online bookie you can trust. Thankfully we have found a catalog of the best offshore USA friendly bookies in 2022 that offer eSports betting, great odds, and even some sweet bonuses and promotions to make your wagering fun less detrimental to your wallet.

Choosing a good bookie will ensure that throughout the whole process one will have fewer hassles, easy-to-use betting, and fair service. As a general rule of thumb, one should avoid online bookies that have no gaming license at all costs. A gaming authority will only provide licenses to online bookies providing and guaranteeing fair service.

Step 2: Betting on eSports

Sports betting and E-sport betting essentially follow the same process except for the fact that in online sports betting you will not find it and brick and mortar bookies. Esports betting isn’t widely available in brick-and-mortar businesses, so don’t expect to find one.

You should however be aware of how betting in the US works. No matter where you live in the United States, you may find offshore sportsbooks that accept online esports betting. That being said you will find it hard to find online gaming sites offering esports that have licenses from American Authority sites. Instead in their place one will find offshore sites with a gaming license from high authoritarian sites such as the Maltese MGA and the Uk’s UKGC.

Step 3: Learning Bet Types According To The Game Of Choice

It’s quite similar to traditional sports betting in terms of the sorts of wagers you may place. Just as in a real-life football game, it’s possible to place bets on FIFA by making predictions about who will win and which players will score goals. Due to the variety of games offered, you may make a variety of wagers. For example, shooter games like Pubg will be available for wagering. You may wager on who will survive the battle royale or who will get first blood in Call of Duty.

In order to place these wagers correctly, you’ll need to get familiar with both the eSports and the players that participate.

Step 4: Learning What You Can Wager With & Win

In most cases, you put your wagers with money and receive the money-back plus a little extra if your wager wins depending on the odds. However, with certain sites and specific games, you can also wager skins. Games like CS:GO have made wagering skins quite popular and certain skin types will hold a certain value that can also be sold off for actual money.

When you wager on a game using a skin, you’re utilizing fictitious objects associated with that game. Weapons and gear, as well as in-game cash, are examples of wagers that may be made in some games.


Nowadays, there are many new games and options to choose from, given that many new ones are being created rapidly. However, just as it is important to check all the new PS4/5 released games before actually buying it, it is as important to choose the most ideal sportsbook for you, so that your experience can be considered amazing

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