Doom Eternal on Switch Is Getting a Limited Edition Physical Release

These days, many gamers are more than happy to purchase titles through digital storefronts. While some digital only games do get physical releases eventually, the idea of ​​purchasing straight through the console itself is more convenient for many people. However, some do still like having an actual item to hold, especially when it comes to special or limited editions. With that in mind, it looks as though Doom Eternal on the Switch will have a few choices for physical copies at some point.


According to listings on the Limited Run store, as spotted by Nintendo Life, there are a number of doom Eternal physical releases that gamers will be able to purchase. As well as a standard copy, there’s also a SteelBook Edition, the Ultimate Edition, and the Special Edition. The Special and Ultimate Editions are by far the most expensive, with the former currently priced at $114.99 and the latter going for $174.99. Both versions come with a number of goodies. While there is no release date for these physical copies, there is a countdown which states that preorders will begin on July 29 and run up to September 11.

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This is also not the first time Limited Run has put out physical copies of the long-running FPS franchise. Last March, there were also physical Switch copies of the classic doom games that became available. Despite the ease of being able to buy games digitally, which saves on waiting for things to be delivered and eliminates having to make sure brick-and-mortar stores have copies available, there is evidently enough demand for physical releases to warrant special and limited versions .

Some gamers enjoy physical editions for the collectible aspect, something that looks good on a shelf. There have been some amazing video game collector’s editions in the past, such as the Dark Souls 3 Prestige Edition, or basically anything that comes with extras like an art book or detailed figurine. Tea Doom Eternal Ultimate Edition, for example, comes with vinyl cover art prints, a replica Slayer Gate key, a keychain, and a 5-inch replica Super Shotgun, which is arguably the best weapon in the whole game. It is worth noting that the Limited Run editions of Doom Eternal will not include the DLC.

As a game, Doom Eternal continues what the original 1993 release started, with id Software’s early FPS going on to become one of the greatest first-person shooters in video game history. Its legacy is still felt today, evidenced by the fact that the recent reboots helped breathe new life into the series, and no doubt there will be people out there who are excited about the Switch physical releases that are coming soon.

Doom Eternal is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Switch physical editions will be launching soon.

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Source: Nintendo Life, Limited Run

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