12 Best Alien PS4 Games That Are Out Of This World

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I know this’ll be hard for some of you…but let’s talk about aliens. No, not whether “they’re out there”, who cares about that? Rather, we’re talking about alien video games. Because there are a lot of them out there, and if you have a PS4, you might want to get your hands on these quality ones.

#12 Aliens: Fireteam Elite

You’ll be seeing the Alien franchise twice on this list, so let’s start out with the lesser of the two.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite has you taken on the role of a set of soldiers who are exploring a new planet. A planet that just so happens to be filled with Xenomorphs and all other manner of Alien creatures!

Now you must plow through mission by mission in order to level up, wipe out all the threats to you and your team and more. You’ll get to customize your marine the way you want to, so be what you feel is the best to take on the danger and survive this planet!

#11 Predator Hunting Grounds

The Predator franchise is kind of a “partner” to the Alien franchise, and so it’s not that surprising that it got its own games over the course of history. In this case, we’re talking about Predator Hunting Grounds. This game follows the 4v1 formula that is very popular nowadays.

In it, you’ll be either a fireteam trying to get to an escape spot so you can “get to the chopper!”, or, you’ll be as the Predator, and use a variety of weapons to pick off your prey before they can get away.

You’ll have various missions you can complete in this game so it’s not always the same thing. But the goal will always be survive, or be killed.

#10 Prey

You are aboard the space station known as Talos I. You are part of an experiment that is supposed to help advance human life, but when things are starting to progress…everything goes wrong.

You suddenly wake up to realize that the space station has been boarded, you can’t exactly remember all that has happened before, and to make things even more mysterious, you now have abilities you didn’t have before.

Now you must search for the truth as you try and develop your powers and fight off the alien threat. What will you learn about the past and your own life? What started this chain of events? Jump in and find out.

#9 Alien Isolation

Widely praised by most who get their hands on it, Alien Isolation actually takes place within the canon of the main movies (the good ones at least). As proven by the fact that you are the daughter of Ellen Ripley, who finds out about a message left by her mother on a space station.

Yet…when she gets there…she and the other crew aren’t alone. A xenomorph has infiltrated the place, and now you have to race across the station to get things back online before the alien gets you. You can’t kill it, and it’s always lurking around. So be smart, hide when you need to, and get all your tasks done so you can escape alive…

#8 Destroy All Humans

A lot of these games on the list have you fighting aliens or fighting alongside aliens. But what if you want to BE the alien doing all the killing and such? Well then dive into Destroy All Humans!

In the game you play as Crypto-137, an alien who was sent to Earth in the 1950s with just one purpose…screw with and destroy the human race. You’ll have to harvest their DNA and then mess with the government in order to bring it to its knees.

You’ll have a variety of alien weapons at your disposal, and the fun won’t stop as you screw with the humans one by one. The game is in its remastered form on the PS4, so you’ll get the best version of it.

#7 Subnautica Below Zero

Don’t worry, the original game will come soon enough, but Subnautica Below Zero also deserves praise because it took the simple premise of the original and then went and expanded it in new ways.

In this case, you’re on the same planet as the original, but in a more frozen region. What’s more, there’s more of a mystery aesthetic to it all as you’re looking into what happened to those that were here before, as well as looking for your sister.

But that won’t get done if you can’t survive. And survive you must! So jump into the frigid cold of this world, explore it to see all it has to offer, and make a life beneath the waves. If you can, that is.

#6 No Man’s Sky

At one point in time, there’s little doubt we wouldn’t have put this on here. Because at launch, No Man’s Sky’s was…not what was promised, at all. However, as time went on and improvements were made, the game did become better. It’s still not all what it was hyped up to be, but it is a grand adventure if you are willing to take it.

In the game you are put into a unique universe and allowed to explore it in any way that you want. It’s that simple. You can travel from world to world, go on various kinds of adventures, and see all it has to offer. You’ll see all kinds of alien life and even be able to play with friends!

#5 Subnautica

We’ve shown you the expansion game, now let’s talk about the original. Subnautica features you in the role of someone who has crash landed on an alien planet via its oceans. Now, the only way for you to survive is to make it work within the oceans itself.

The oceans of Subnautica are vast and filled with life (for better and for worse). It also has the resources you need to try and survive it…if you can get to them and use them well. Survival is the name of the game here. You’ll need to get resources from the word go, build up a base where you can relax and recharge in, and then explore all that these oceans have to offer.

What will you find in the alien oceans of this world? Dive in (literally!) and find out!

#4 Dead Space Series

While it may not have landed on the best of endings, we’d be postponed if we didn’t talk about the Dead Space series. This game took sci-fi horror to the next level by putting you in various positions of terror with a protagonist that was never meant to be a hero.

You are Isaac Clarke, an engineer who gets a distress signal from his significant other, who was mining materials on another planet when an alien artifact is found…and everything goes wrong. Armed with just basic tools, you’ll need to figure out what happened, and stop what is coming.

The game dives deep into many different things, and it’s not for everyone. But if you’re wanting to be truly scared? Here you go.

The sequel to Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 takes place 20 years after the fall of humanity at the hands of an alien threat. Now, the XCOM forces that once defended the planet are scattered, and the alien race has tried to project that they’re remaking Earth “in a better way”, but the truth is much more sinister.

Now, you become part of a fringe rebellion on the outskirts of it all. You must fight back, you have to fight back, but the odds are always against you. You must guide your team in intense turn-based battles, then build up your forces with other fighters so that you can take back Earth one step at a time.

The gameplay and missions will be intense, and you might not make it out alive with all your team. But to get the Earth back? You might just have to take that risk.

#2 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

This game just got its official sequel confirmation recently so let’s show this one some love, ok? Jedi Fallen Order puts you in the shows of Cal Kestis, who was a padawan when Order 66 came about. He was able to escape, but has stayed hidden for a long time without using his Force powers.

But now, he’s drawn back into the light, and goes on a quest to not just become a true Jedi, but to try and restore the order in full. Along the way, you’ll have to make new allies, fight off the Inquisitors that are hunting you, and even tackle with Darth Vader himself.

The journey will not be easy, but if you make it through, you’ll find your strength in the Force.

#1 Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Given what this legendary trilogy is, we’d be stupid to not put it at the top. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings together the beloved trilogy (aside from No.3’s ending…you know its true!) and overalls its visuals and certain other things to truly give you the best version that these games have ever been.

You know the story, you are Commander Shepherd, who is tasked with stopping a threat, and then unravels an entire universal conspiracy that affects everything. You’ll need to team up with a group of aliens and fellow humans in order to stop the Reapers from taking over everything.

With everything on the line, you’ll need to trust yourself and your team to make it through obstacle after obstacle. Go get ’em Shepherd.

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