9 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up The Spider-Man PS4 Games

Spider Man PS4 alongside Marvel’s Miles Morales are some of the best video games based on the web-slinger in history. They really captured the feel of what it’s like to be the superhero and has ultimately put the whole genre on notice in regards to how to build a brilliant set of Marvel titles.

However, there are plenty of memes out there that either make fun of the flaws of the games, or perhaps continue to celebrate its many achievements. It’s fair to say that the fanbase loves to revisit the PlayStation experiences and has created memes that manage to reflect their funny thoughts on the release that play off of the many Spider-Man memes already in existence.


9 Referencing Classic Memes

Spider-Man fans have created some classic memes over the years and there are a couple that can’t be ignored. The first is slightly less famous, of the cartoon webhead sitting behind a desk, with a picture of himself on the wall. The second has even been recreated in live-action and features multiple Spider-Men pointing at one another.

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Spider Man PS4 is nothing if not dedicated to serving its fans, and so it would seem like a missed opportunity not to include references to these memes. Thus, this isn’t just a meme set within the game, but it’s also a combination of memes that sums up the feel-good fan service of the title.

8 A Returning Foe

Spider-Man has to face one of his greatest enemies ever in Mister Negative as part of the plot of the PlayStation title. For Parker, who had a personal relationship with the antagonist, it’s quite a shock to see his emergence as a foe. However, Spidey fans have decided to play around with that idea.

In a reference to the original Sam Raimi movies, the ultimate foe is not the Kingpin or even Norman Osborn but instead the man that Peter has to pay rent to. Ironically it sums up the title, as the Insomniac game hasn’t shied away from these more realistic problems in Parker’s life, including being able to afford his apartment. It’s a small feature that improves the narrative.

7 A Fatal Weakness

One of the most popular aspects of this title is that it’s an open world, allowing Spider-Man to swing across the city with ease. But his web-shooters are also very useful in battle, with the superhero able to web up his opponents through a variety of unique gadgets.

However, the technique falls down if the opponent just cuts through the webbing, as has been the case in some of the battle scenarios in the title. This hilarious meme points out that this can put Peter at a bit of a disadvantage. He might have to invest in some stronger webbing considering it’s plausible thugs can break out.

6 Remake Comparisons

Fans were a little skeptical about the remade version of Spiderman which would be apart of the Miles Morales Ultimate release and featured a whole new range of visual upgrades. However, a choice that many didn’t expect was shifting the look of Peter Parker himself.

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While the original iteration felt unique and like the definitive look of the character in this universe, the remade version looked like a version of Tom Holland from the movies. It’s fair to say, as this meme states, that fans couldn’t quite get behind the shift, making fun of it at every opportunity.

5 Dealing With Crime

There are a few unpopular opinions about the Spiderman PS4 games and one of them is the notion that solving crimes makes no difference to the city or to the narrative as a whole. Experience points are the only good that will ultimately come from managing to break up these thugs.

This meme pokes fun at the fact the crime in New York is simply never-ending. Spider-Man must be pretty tired after dealing with all those bank robberies, car chases, and other red alert incidences that the player might come across while swinging through the city.

4 The Superior Marvel Title

Tea avengers game from Square Enix had the unfortunate fate to launch near the release of the Miles Morales title. The comparison is easy to make, considering the latter is just far more superior and is beloved by both movie and comic book fans alike.

This is a scene from the comics, which sees a potential future where Miles actually kills Cap. It turns out that this was actually based on the secret empire narrative and this was a fake version of Steve Rogers. Indeed, many feel as if the avengers title doesn’t reflect the original ideas of the source material either, which is perhaps why the meme seems to work so well.

3 The Changing Cast

So many actors have played Spider-Man over the years. A lot of focus is put upon the incredible talent that steps into the role on the big and small screen. But the world of video games simply can’t be overlooked, as there are so many excellent voice-acting performances there as well.

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Every time a new game releases, older fans reminisce about the previous voice actors that were so perfect for their roles. That can’t be denied for the full cast behind the characters in Spider Man PS4 so this positive meme really reflects the feeling of leaving behind the old but still loving the new.

2 It Will Never Be Snapped

No matter how many times new games are released, fans of the Spiderman PS4 game simply cannot get rid of the title from their PlayStation line-up. Literally, everything else will be deleted to make way for newer titles, but the game will still remain because of its unbelievable quality.

It’s so replayable and what’s more, it’s really fun to jump back in and swing across New York for a while. It’s a great reference to the Raimi era of movies with the meme ultimately calling out the fact that the title is just too good to be snapped out of existence. Any of the threads that have already been left concerning the sequel might suggest the second installment will be just as good.

1 A Shot From The Past

Plenty of old-school gamers have suggested that Spiderman on the PS4 feels very much like the PlayStation 2 iteration of the Raimi Spider-Man game. In fact, from the mechanics behind the swinging to the way in which the narrative unfolds, there are plenty of parallels to be made.

This meme essentially talks to that nostalgia and how the game might just rival some of the best from the franchise thus far. It pays homage to everything that paved the way and it has really resonated with fans because of that commitment to designers of the past.

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