You’ve never seen GTA 5 look so beautifully realistic after NaturalVision Evolved’s latest update

GTA 5 has never looked so beautiful. For a game now closing in on its ninth birthday, the enduring popularity of Rockstar’s golden goose is impressive. The crime simulator has received some extensive official glow-ups along the way, granted – it first starred on PS3 and Xbox 360, later received dedicated PS4 and Xbox One upgrades, and has since been given the same treatment on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles – but the fact that it still features so prominently on best sellers charts to this day underscores its abiding intrigue. Part of that long-lasting appeal comes by virtue of super-talented modders, who’ve spent the best part of a decade growing GTA 5 from its base state with new skins, scripts, missions and visual overhauls.

The most impressive of the latter is, hands down, Jamal Rashid’s (aka Razed) NaturalVision Evolved – five years in the making, two years in active development, and now on the cusp of full release outside of the creator’s Patreon (opens in new tab). “Since 2020, the NVE project has grown exponentially in size and scope,” says Razed. “We initially started off with plans to modify simple things such as reflections on buildings and texturing a few locations or props. What we ended up doing is creating new weathers with volumetric clouds, overhauling particle effects and decals, adding dozens of new vegetation models for trees and bushes, adding dozens of new props and lights, overhauling entire locations such as the Grand Senora Desert with new textures and models, adding parallaxed roads to most of the map, adding parallaxed interiors, and much more.”

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(Image credit: Rockstar)

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