Here’s where you can pre-order Stray on PS5 for only £33

Stray is an exciting new adventure game releasing on the 20th July where you play as a cat. The main objective is to roam surroundings, defend against unforeseen threats and solve mysteries in a place inhabited by curious droids and dangerous creatures.

Stray looks like a lot of fun and something very different to other games. Eurogamer’s Lottie Lynn said in their first impressions article that “the dedication BlueTwelve Studio put into recreating the experience of being a cat is always on display” which really separates it from other adventure games.

If you’re excited to play Stray when it comes out you still have time to pre-order the physical edition for PS5 for £32.85 from Base with free delivery, which is cheaper than Game’s £35 price plus £5 delivery fee.

So far there’s no physical PS4 copy of Stray so you’ll need to buy it from the PS Store and download it to play. Alternatively, you can play Stray if you’re a subscriber to one of the new PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium tiers.

PS Plus Extra and Premium is getting a load of new games for its subscribers to play on the 19th of July including Stray, but there will also be Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and five PS4 Assassin’s Creed games available. Check out the complete list of PlayStation Plus games for July here.

If Stray and other games take your fancy and you’re not signed up to PS Plus Extra or Premium yet, you can grab a £90 PlayStation Gift Card for £74.85 over at ShopTo which can be used to purchase PS Plus subscriptions.

A year of PS Plus Extra is £84 so this card will cover the costs and leave you with a little extra to ‘put in the kitty’. Meanwhile, Premium is £100 for a year or £40 for 3 months so you can pay for most of a yearly subscription or two 3 months subscriptions.

We’re excited to roam through a futurescape as a kitty soon! If you haven’t managed to get a PS5 console yet you can check our PS5 stock checker page. Also keep your eyes peeled on the Jelly Deals Twitter account where we’ll post any future discounts on games, PlayStation restocks, and more.

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