Best Co-Op Third-Person Shooters For PS5

With more titles showcasing groundbreaking graphics being released on the PS5, gamers are now spoiled for choice. Cooperative gameplay can now be enjoyed in high definition with friends to take gaming experiences to the next level. Although FPS games usually take the spotlight, 3rd person shooters are equally demanding in terms of skill and focus.

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PS5 owners now have multiple options with their friends in the realm of 3rd person shooters, with more narrative and story-driven titles to squad-based tactical gameplay, coop has never looked this good. Though some are also available on the PS4, the look and feel of these featured games reach another level on the PS5, allowing friends to truly immerse themselves with their next-gen consoles.

7 Warframe

Released back in 2013 on various platforms, Warframe has come a long way since. Having arrived on PS5 in late 2020 and receiving an update, the game has undergone over 10+ expansions. The game virtually shows no age whatsoever and is gorgeous to behold. Mixing various video game elements, the game is a chaotic blend of RPG, stealth, and 3rd-person shooter.

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Fast-paced and free-to-play, Warframe offers plenty of scenarios and variations to sink hours into. Should players wish to take a break, there’s much to deviate and attend to including fishing, dogfighting in space, and customizing one’s Tenno. The game also offers coop, allowing players to ninja themselves around a beautiful open world with refreshing sci-fi elements.

6 Outriders

A looter-shooter that received some bad reputation in its initial launch, Outriders has come quite a way since. Set on a post-apocalyptic sci-fi planet, the game allows players to assume control of an elite soldier (Outrider) who must guide mankind out of its dark age.

Though nothing extraordinary in terms of story, Outriders allows players to go at their own pace and enjoy mowing down hordes of enemies whilst collecting fine loot along the way. The game features a coop mode for up to 3 players and several classes with unique builds to choose from. Casual goal at times challenging, Outriders is a solid choice for a small group of friends looking for a target to shoot.

5 Remnant: From The Ashes

Remnant: From the ashes is an interesting title. The game is a souls-like 3rd person shooter that offers a deeply challenging experience for a party of up to 3 willing to embrace the pain. It’s an incredible game that not only delivers on its premise but has a decent story. The game takes place on Earth after a malign and eldritch entity has invaded the planet.

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The enemies are interesting and refreshing to battle and combat even against regular foes can be nail-bitingly difficult (wait til players encounter boss fights). Like any souls-like game, clearing an area or defeating a boss is deeply satisfying and will only strengthen the bond between comrades. Though the game doesn’t currently allow players to get the full extent of the PS5’s features, Remnant: From the ashes still looks great and should be played by any gamer interested in 3rd person shooters.

4 World War Z: Aftermath

A sort-of sequel to 2019s World War Z, aftermath is both a 1st and 3rd person coop shooter where much like other titles like Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood, players must navigate through a zombie-infested world. The game features some improvements over its predecessor including a new melee system plus additional maps and characters.

Thought technically an expansion, the updates, and additions essentially make World War Z: Aftermath a stand-alone game. The game lives up as a spiritual successor to the classic Left 4 Dead franchise and is drop-dead incredible to gawk at when playing in 4K and at 60fps.

3 Aliens: Fireteam Elite

A multiplayer cooperative shooter set after the Alien trilogy, players fill the boots of colonial marines deployed to answer distress beacons from the outer colonies. Players then choose 1 of 7 character classes and can team up with 2 friends to take on the Xeno threat. The base game itself is a solid PVE multiplayer experience that features 4 story campaigns, comprised of 3 missions each and showcasing over 20 different types of enemies.

The game offers a challenge to veterans of 3rd person shooters. Staying faithful to the franchise and hinting at several post-release DLCs, Aliens: Fireteam Elite delivers on hardcore action and its visuals whilst ditching cumbersome microtransactions.

2 Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game is a multiplayer survival horror hack-and-slash experience that takes on a different stride. Featuring an asymmetrical co-op and PVP gameplay, Evil Dead: The Game features up to 4 players banding together to take on a demon (that can be player-controlled).

The game blends various genres and mechanics such as having players scavenge for upgrades and weapons early in the game, a feature similar to battle royale games. Though not exclusively a 3rd person shooter, the game does shine when players acquire various firearms and alternate with Ash’s classic chainsaw. Twisted, intense, and wacky, the game is a solid option for a small group of friends hungry for carnage.

1 Returnal

A PS5 exclusive, Returnal is a 3rd person shooter that incorporates psychological horror and roguelike elements. The game demonstrates the beauty and capability of the PS5 and delivers on its story, action, and gameplay. Players take on the role of Selene who gets stuck in a time loop when her space vessel crashlands on a strange planet. Selene attempts to get herself out of the loop and begins to uncover the strange phenomena surrounding the planet she’s trapped on.

Visually stunning and highly immersive, players will be able to feel every movement or tumble and hear every unique sound reverberating from the environment. With the new Ascent update, players will be able to team up with a friend to complete the Returnal’s campaign.

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