4 Short And Free Indie Games To Whittle Away The Time

Sometimes, we simply just don’t want to spend any money, and that’s valid. That’s why free games are so freakin’ good.

As a cheapskate myself, I’m always on the hunt for good free or cheap games. While a lot of free games across platforms will usually make up for being free by including microtransactions, sometimes there are just games that are free with no inside costs, and I just think that’s neat.

In the past, I wrote about some games under $3 on the Nintendo Switch that don’t stink, but now I’m here to take money out of the equation completely. While some of these games are technically additions to existing games, chapter-based, or demos, they’re still free so they count!

So here ya go, here are some good free indie games for you.

Baba Is You XTREME

4 Short And Free Indie Games To Whittle Away The Time
Image: Hempuli

Baba is You Xtreme is a freeware sequel-ish to the original Baba is You. The biggest difference between the two is that Baba is You Xtreme gives you more challenging puzzles. Challenging to a point where you are genuinely stressed and frustrated with Baba. You scorn Baba. You hurry Baba. But when you complete the puzzle, it feels so very good.

The puzzles involve moving words around to change how the game works. Very simple stuff, so simple that it’s infuriating how difficult it gets.

If anything, this game is a great tester for Baba is You, which you should also play. It does stand on its own though!

Baba is You Xtreme is available for PC.


4 Short And Free Indie Games To Whittle Away The Time
Picture: Toby Fox

Deltarunedespite being made by Toby Fox, is not really a sequel to Undertaleso you don’t need to play Undertale first to enjoy it. Deltarune is a pixel-art role-playing game with turn-based ‘combat’ that follows a bunch of wacky characters who get up to crazy shenanigans.

While Fox does have plans for the next parts of the game to be paid, the first two chapters are free. Each chapter has a considerable amount of gameplay, so it’s well worth it!

The first two chapters are available for free on PC/Mac, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

Grimm’s Hollow

4 Short And Free Indie Games To Whittle Away The Time
Image: ghosthunter

Grimm’s Hollow is an action role-playing game with multiple endings. It’s a little spooky, a little sad, but very very good. You play as Lavender, and you explore the afterlife in a bid to find and save your little brother.

While the game is somewhat short and sweet, the multiple endings give it a good amount of replay value. The soundtrack is also great!

Grimm’s Hollow is available for free on PC.

Ranita Fishing

4 Short And Free Indie Games To Whittle Away The Time
Image: Fayer

Ranita Fishing is probably the smallest game on the list due to it technically being a demo, but it’s hopefully a signal of bigger things in the future.

Ranita Fishing is simply a nice and chill little fishing game where you play as a frog. You fish, collect fish and help out your friends. A sweet and wholesome game for when you just need a little break from the horrors of life.

Ranita Fishing is available on PC.

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