I Hung Out In An IKEA Canada Store For 6 Hours & These Are The Weirdest Things I Saw (PHOTOS)

Taking a trip to an IKEA Canada can be a stressful and weird experience. With the many Swedish names whizzing past you, the smell of the meatballs floating through the air, and maybe the odd kid running around and getting in front of your cart, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in there.

But, if you take a few steps closer and really begin to observe and analyze your surroundings, you will find that IKEA is full of some really unexplainable things.

And so, to really enter the fugue state that is IKEA, I stopped by my local store and hunkered down for nearly six hours.

During my time there, I searched high and low for some of the strangest, weirdest things the giant Swedish retailer has to offer.

And from outdated video games, to random obscene gestures, my local IKEA really delivered.

This hat

Tristan Wheeler wearing a straw hat he found.

Tristan Wheeler wearing a straw hat he found.

Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

Nestled in one of the displays was a nice, fashionable straw hat/visor that was not tied down or attached to anything.

It reminded me of something that may be a fashionable woman 60 years ago would wear.

So, when no one was looking I decided I’d try it on and snapped a picture.

It was located in a display of a bedroom, so I can only assume it was supposed to be on the theme, but I thought I didn’t look half bad in it!

Vintage Kellogs Jigsaw Puzzle

A 550 piece puzzle of retro Kellog's products.

A 550 piece puzzle of retro Kellog’s products.

Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

When you start rummaging through displays, you begin to find weird non-sequitur items, things that are not immediately clear why they’re there.

Take this vintage Kellog’s cereal puzzle. What is it even doing there?

While yes, it’s random filler for the displays, why this? Was it sent by IKEA? Did someone go out to a local thrift shop? Or maybe it’s from someone’s house?

While I was a curious man, I didn’t open it to see if it was completely intact.

The Skvadern

The cover of a children's book called Skvadern.

The cover of a children’s book called Skvadern.

Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

What can I say? It’s simply the Skvadern.

A quick Google search tells me that the “Skvader” is a faux animal created by a Swedish taxidermist in 1918.

It’s made of a wild hare with the wings and feathers of a wood grouse.

Now that’s something of a creation!

Unfortunately, I don’t speak Swedish so I could not tell you if this book was any good or what the difference is between “skvadern.” and “skvader.”

NBA 2K13 for PS3

A beat up DVD case with the NBA 2K13 cover on it.

A beat up DVD case with the NBA 2K13 cover on it.

Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

This one hits close to home.

While I personally never played this game, it really made me think all my younger years playing PS3 in my parent’s basement.

I hoped that maybe it was a recent addition, however, there’s a good chance it’s been there for about 10 years.

Why else would the container of a game released in 2012 be there? And why is this not actually the case for a PS3 game?

Making things even more confusing was that beside the game was a PS2 controller, not a PS3 one.

Gee, I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder!

Fashion Proefssional Sakteobare-Shoe

A white paint splatter shoe labeled Fashion Proefssional Sakteobare-Shoe.

A white paint splatter shoe labeled Fashion Proefssional Sakteobare-Shoe.

Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

Looking deep into the IKEA display can provide some beautiful moments. And the moment I found these proefessional sakteobar shoes will be treasured forever.

At first, I thought it might have been a Swedish translation of “skateboard shoe” but after some research, it seems that it might be a typo.

A typo on a shoe which was seemingly sold on the commerce website Alibaba.

Oh joy! Few can write a story as good as that.

Getting flipped off by a wooden hand

A wooden hand flipping you off.

A wooden hand flipping you off.

Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

After staring at those typo shoes for too long, I stumbled upon this.

One of the wooden LÅNESPELARE accessory stands has been, predictably, articulated into a middle finger.

The kind of “bird” with the thumb sticking out as well.

I smiled because I could see myself doing that at one point in my past, but I try to now avoid public obscenity as a 25-year-old man.

However, I still enjoyed stumbling onto someone else’s bawdy adventures.

Children’s art

Two children's drawing.  One of someone playing basketball, the other of two people skipping rope.

Two children’s drawing. One of someone playing basketball, the other of two people skipping rope.

Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

Maybe the most puzzling thing of them all and it prompted tons and tons of questions.

I stared at it with a furrowed brow. Did they get a kid to make it? If so, whose kid? Did an adult make this pretending to be a kid? Did the kid know it was going to be in an IKEA display? Was the kid told what to draw?

It’s so confusing and baffling that if I think too long, I start to get a headache.


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