Best Amazon Prime Day gaming deals 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 has officially landed! The annual 48-hour sale is running from the 12th July through until midnight on 13th July. There are discounts across thousands of products, including plenty of big savings on tech and gaming.

The huge amount of offers can be a little overwhelming, but you’ll be pleased to know our deal hunters are sharing the biggest Prime Day discounts on consoles, games and accessories in this handy guide. We’ve already spotted some great price reductions on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch games and accessories, along with savings on PC peripherals like headsets and mice. We’ve also rounded up some bargains for SSDs, SD cards, and 4K TVs, too.

Those after PC hardware, monitors and PC gaming accessories should check out Digital Foundry’s best Prime Day PC deals guide and if you fancy treating yourself to a board game or some new Pokemon cards, Dicebreaker has got you covered with their best Prime Day board game deals hub. For anything else, you should follow our Jelly Deals Twitter page, where you’ll find an incredibly broad range of Prime Day deals, including cheap Amazon devices, tablets, and just about anything else that’s cool and going cheap. We’ve also covered everything you need to know about Prime Day and how to get the best Prime Day deals further down below.

Today’s best Prime Day gaming deals



You will, of course, need to have an active Prime membership to access the Prime Day deals. If you’re not already a Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial to make the most of the mammoth sale. There will, however, still be some deals available for non-members, and competitors like eBay, John Lewis, Best Buy and Walmart may all be offering deals of their own. It’s definitely worth shopping around for the best price before making your purchase.

Amazon Prime members can also get the Mass Effect Legendary Edition for no extra cost on Prime Day itself (12th and 13th July). Members will also have access to over 30 games for free, including Grid Legends, Need for Speed ​​Heat, Star Wars Jedi Knight, Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 and Star Wars Republic Commando.

From 21st June, Prime members can also download a bunch of indie titles, including Death Squared, Fatal Fury Special, Rain World and Samurai Shodown 2.

Amazon Prime – 30 day free trial

Take advantage of all the best Prime Day gaming deals and other great benefits like free delivery and access to Amazon Video by activating your Amazon Prime free trial today. If you don’t want to continue your subscription after the trial, we recommend canceling it before the trial ends. You’ll still get your full 30 day trial and it means you won’t be charged the monthly £7.99/ $12.99 payment.

Below, you’ll find even more of the best gaming deals in the UK and the US for Prime Day 2022.

Best Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals 2022

Amazon has thrown some Nintendo Switch bundles together for Prime Day 2022, including Nintendo Switch Lite deals and maybe Nintendo Switch OLED bundles.

The Switch OLED was on offer for £284 just before Prime Day. The standard Nintendo Switch has also enjoyed some recent discounts at Amazon, selling for just £229 in May. SanDisk microSDXC cards are also another sought-after Prime Day 2022 deal.

Below we’ve listed some of the current best savings on Nintendo Switch consoles, games and accessories. We’re covering even more of the best Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals in our dedicated guide.



Best Prime Day PS5 deals 2022

Amazon restocked PS5 consoles last week but we’re still looking out for a Prime Day PS5 restock. We don’t expect any discounts on standalone PS5 consoles across Prime Day. If Amazon restocks PS5 consoles during the event, we’ll likely see the Horizon Forbidden West bundle make an appearance.

Below we’ve listed some of the best savings on PS5 games and DualSense accessories. You can find even more savings in our best PS5 Prime Day deals guide.

UK PS5 Deals:



Best Prime Day Xbox deals 2022

Over the last few months, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have both stayed in stock at Amazon UK. The standalone Xbox Series S dropped to just £238 in May, and it’s currently priced at £243- £7 cheaper compared to its full retail price. We don’t expect Amazon to knock any money off the Xbox Series X this Prime Day.

Before you buy a physical or digital Xbox game, we recommend checking it’s not already part of Microsoft’s Game Pass library. If you’re thinking about signing up to Game Pass for the first time, you can currently get your first month of Game Pass Ultimate for just £1/ $1. In our list of best Prime Day Xbox deals below, we’ve highlighted what games are part of the subscription service so that you Game Pass users don’t end up spending money on a game you could have accessed through your membership.

We cover more Xbox Prime Day game deals in our guide.



  • Best Prime Day SD card deals 2022
  • Micro SD cards, including the larger variations are on sale this Prime Day. We’ve spotted some great savings on some of the best micro SD cards below.

    UK deals:

    US deals:

    US deals:

    Best Prime Day SSD deals

    Whether you’re after a speedy storage boost for your PC or an external drive for more console game storage, we’ve seen discounts on various SATA, NVMe and portable SSDs this Prime Day. PS5 compatible SSDs have also been falling to their lowest prices yet.

    US deals

    Best Prime Day hard drive deals

    Western Digital hard drives are worth checking out this Prime Day. You can find all the best savings in Digital Foundry’s Prime Day PC deals guide.

    Mechanical drives might be slower and less durable than their SSD counterparts but are often considerably cheaper and give you much more storage space for the price.


    Best Prime Day TV deals 2022

    It’s easy to get excited when you see a huge discount on a TV, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best option. If you want to make some serious savings on a brand new screen and want to make sure you’re getting the most value for your money, we recommend heading to Digital Foundry’s best Prime Day TV deals guide. Their top recommended 4K TV, the LG C1, has already enjoyed steep discounts this year and you can currently grab it for £1,099 in the UK, and for $1,097 in the US.

    Digital Foundry’s comprehensive guide to the best 4K TVs for HDR gaming 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC will also help you comprehend prices.

    Best Prime Day gaming headset deals 2022

    Gaming headset deals aren’t a rare occurrence at Amazon but you can usually save that little bit extra during Prime Day. The SteelSeries Arctis range is one of the better headset ranges that we’ve seen in this year’s sale. We’ve also spotted deals from other top brands including Razer, Logitech and Sennheiser.

    What is Prime Day?

    Prime Day is a 48 hour event on Amazon where customers who are signed up to their Prime system can take advantage of multiple, and often big, sales across a variety of products. The event is held once a year and in previous years we’ve seen all manner of items become available at heavily discounted prices, including mobile phones and video games. Don’t worry if you’re not available for the official 48-hour window though, some deals are already live and more will become available in the run-up to the main event.

    When is Prime Day 2022?

    Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be held on the 12th and 13th of July. Returning back to its usual mid-year slot, the official 48-hour sale will kick off in the middle of July. The start date may not be until July, but those of you that are eager for a bargain can already get your hands on some early access offers by checking out Amazon’s Deals page. Make sure to check the deals regularly as new items are frequently added.

    Do I need a Prime account?

    Yes, to make the most any Prime Day deals, you do need an Amazon Prime account. As the name of the event suggests, you will need to sign yourself up for Amazon Prime to take part in the event. If you don’t want to pay out for an account membership, then there is a work-around. Amazon is currently offering new customers a 30 day free trial, so you can use the trial for Prime Day and simply cancel it when the event comes to an end.

    Is there an Amazon Prime free trial?

    Yes! If you haven’t been a member before then you can sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial. This will give you 30 days of access to all membership benefits, including free next-day delivery, video streaming through Amazon Prime Video, freebies through Prime Gaming and a host of other services. Of course, most important for us here is the ability to take advantage of all the Amazon Prime Day deals!

    You can sign up right here at Amazon UK or Amazon US. Just remember to cancel it before the 30 days pass to avoid being charged for membership. Or, you can keep it rolling, perhaps at a reduced cost if Amazon decides to discount the price of a year-long membership for Prime Day – something it has done in the past.

    How do I get the best Prime Day deals?

    Budget set

    When confronted with masses of deals, it can be quite easy to be overwhelmed. This is where it’s useful to make a plan beforehand and set a budget. If you are after a few specific products on Amazon, add them to your watchlist or basket and then keep an eye on them to see if they fall into your price range. Alternatively, you could put a sticky note reminder next to your phone or computer that lists exactly what you need and how much you want to spend.

    Read reviews carefully

    It’s no secret that some reviews on online products are not always genuine. The ones that are sometimes shown at the top of a “review” section can be carefully curated by the company or seller in question. They can even write their own reviews! If you’re looking into making a purchase, make sure to read through more reviews than just the top ones as they can sometimes be biased.

    Shop around

    Yes, Prime Day can be a fantastic chance to get your hands on great deals, there’s no argument there. However, it’s still worth looking around at other places to ensure you are getting the best price possible. To compete with Prime Day, other retailers such as Currys and John Lewis in the UK, or Best Buy and Walmart in the US will often post competing deals too – you could save yourself a few extra quid just by looking around a little bit more before purchasing.

    Look for Lightning

    Amazon will have Lightning Deals running throughout the entire Prime Day event period. These are often extremely good deals on a plethora of different products and items, but there’s a catch. There are either a limited number of items included in the deal, or the deal is only active for a short period of time. As the discounts can be really good, these deals can appear and disappear very quickly. The best way to keep up with Lightning Deals is to regularly check Amazon’s Prime Day Lightning Deals page whenever you can. If you see a Lightning Deals you want, you’re going to want to snap it up fast.

    Use Item Filters

    If you’re looking at the deals on Amazon’s Main Prime Day page, then using the filters on the side of the screen can be a massive help. Doing this can help you stick to your budget by filtering the page to see items at a certain value. The filters can also help you sniff out the best bargains as you can filter items by the percentage discount applied to them, you can filter from 10% off all the way up to 70% and more!

    And that covers all the best early deals we’ve seen in the Amazon Prime Day 2022 sales. If you want to keep up with all of the best bargains, follow Jelly Deals on Twitter so you don’t miss out! It’s the easiest way to keep up to date with all sorts of deals and promotions.

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