PS5 stock – live: BT and Box in stock, as Currys sells out

<p>On the hunt for the elusive Sony console?  </p>
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On the hunt for the elusive Sony console?

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Update 11 July: The PS5 is currently in stock at Boxand BT Shopafter selling out at Smyths Toys and several other retailers. Read on for more information.

Since its launch in 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been seriously tough to get hold of. Supply chain issues stemming from the global pandemic have brought the production of Sony’s latest games console to a near-standstill.

Thankfully, things have improved in recent months. The PS5 was pretty much in stock throughout the entire months of May and June, with Game and the BT Shop, plus several independent retailers like The Game Collection leading the charge. We expect this avalanche of console restocks to continue throughout the summer, although things are a little quiet as we head into mid-July. With Amazon Prime Day landing on 12 and 13 July, we’re also playing close attention to the tech giant’s website this week.

Despite restocks becoming more regular, buying a console on its own is still more difficult than picking up a bundle, with standalone consoles selling out in the blink of an eye, while digital consoles (bundles included) have been non-existent. But we’re here to help, whether you’re after a bundle or the standalone PS5 disc and PS5 digital edition consoles.

Are you still hunting down the elusive PlayStation 5? Our goal is to secure you a next-gen machine, as well as provide you with the details on the best games and accessories to nab alongside your new console, plus the latest game reviews.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:

Check stock from US PS5 retailers below:


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How to get a PS5 voucher code from BT

As we said in an earlier post, BT Shop is giving its customers a helping hand when it comes to securing a PS5. Instead of throwing open the virtual doors and dealing with a stampede like other retailers, BT sends out unique voucher codes to its customers.

If you are a BT TV customer, for example, or subscribe to BT Sport, you can apply to receive a PS5 voucher code. These are emailed out sporadically and can be used to access a PS5 next time the BT store has a restock. You still have to pay the regular price, of course, but this system is a neat way of rewarding BT customers and giving them a better chance of securing a console.


Smyths says PS5 restock will happen this month

There’s no PS5 stock available on the Smyths Toys website today, but the retailers says this situation will change soon. The website says more PS5 disc edition consoles will arrive at some point in July, but without providing a specific date.

More stock of the disc edition bundles with Horizon Forbidden West is also due at Smyths before the end of July, along with a bundle that also adds Gran Turismo 7.

Shoppers looking for a PS5 digital edition will likely have to wait longer, as the Smyths website vaguely states that fresh stock will arrive “TBC 2022”.


The PS5 digital edition is available now at Game

Game has just had a small PS5 restock, adding the lesser-spotted digital edition console to its website. The PS5 is available to buy right now and is priced at £359.99, making it a bit cheaper than the disc edition.

This console has no disc drive, so games have to be downloaded and it cannot play DVDs or Blue-rays. But it is otherwise technically identical to the disc edition.


Can you buy a PS5 console from Amazon?

Not at retail price, you can’t According to our records, Amazon hasn’t had any PS5 consoles in stock at retail price since 21 June. Before that, we saw restocks on 8 and 15 June, and one restock per month in April and May.

We’re not sure when Amazon will have a PS5 restock – especially with all attention on the retail giant’s Prime Day sale, which takes place this week on 12 and 13 July.


This PS5 bundle is now available at Box


There aren’t many PS5 consoles available today, but one retailer with stock is Box. The only bundle available from Box is one for Formula One fans, as it includes a PS5 disc edition console, plus F1 2022 and the Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel and pedal set.


These branches of Game have PS5 consoles available right now

As online stock levels dwindle yet again, we’ve spotted PS5 consoles being offered at a handful of Game shops. These stock levels are likely very low and will sell out quickly, so we recommend calling your local branch before visiting to check if any consoles are still available. As of 9am, these are the Game branches with PS5 consoles on their shelves:

  • Cowley (PS5 disc edition only)
  • Connswater
  • Wrexham Sports Direct
  • St. Helens (PS5 disc and digital edition)
  • Lakeside (disc edition with Horizon Forbidden West)
  • Loughborough (digital edition)

These PS5 bundles are available at BT today

As far as we can see, BT Shop is the only online retailer to have any PS5 stock today. These bundles are available exclusively to existing BT customers, who are emailed codes to give them access to the online store.

The available bundles are priced at £499.99 and £549.97. They both include the PS5 disc edition, while the former adds Horizon Forbidden West and the later also adds an extra Dualsense controller.


Currys is out of PS5 stock, despite what the website says

Despite Currys showing several PS5 bundles on its website, they are in fact unavailable to purchase at this time. Some say they are sold out, but those that don’t throw up an error when we try adding them to our basket. We suspect Currys sold out over the weekend and hasn’t yet updated its website listing to reflect this.

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