Best Buy PS5 Restock Happening This Week

Best Buy’s Black Friday in July sales features site-wide discount on a variety of products, as well as a PS5 restock for certain customers.

Summer has become a season of savings for gamers with many major retailers and gaming marketplaces celebrating the warm weather with major sales. Steam’s annual Summer Sale has become a staple of early Summer with the platform discounting thousands of games. Amazon’s Prime Day also features plenty of big discounts on electronics and even comes packed with a handful of free games for this year’s sale. Best Buy’s “Black Friday in July” is no different with the sale seeing plenty of price cuts, as well as confirming this year’s sale comes with a PS5 restock.


Since the PS5’s debut in late 2020, the console has been in notoriously short supply as gamers have clamored to pick up Sony’s next-gen hardware. Semiconductor and chip shortages have ravaged the tech industry over the past few years leading to a scarcity of PS5 consoles across several retailers. Stores like Best Buy and GameStop often sell out of the consoles quickly after being restocked, leading many eager fans to anxiously await news of newly arriving consoles. Now, Best Buy’s Black Friday in July will give players another chance to get their hands on a PS5.

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Best Buy’s newly launched sale will last three days from Monday, July 11th through Wednesday, July 13th with the sale running until July 17th for Best Buy’s “Totaltech” members. Totaltech members will also benefit from some special perks during the promotion with an exclusive restock coming for the PS5. Totaltech members will have a chance to pick up a PS5 during a Totaltech member-exclusive restock coming on July 12th at 9:00 AM PT, with some expecting the restock to be a sizable one.

A new chance to buy a PS5 will be far from the only deal offered through Black Friday in July as Best Buy’s sale will feature discounts across the retailer’s website. Customers looking to pick up everything from electronics and video games to kitchen appliances and vacuums will be able to save hundreds of dollars through the sale. Best Buy’s summer sale will also feature rotating “2 Hour Deals” with a variety of products put up for big discounts. Totaltech members will also receive special discounts on items like gaming desktops.

Best Buy’s newest PS5 restock comes as the console gears up for a plethora of high-profile releases throughout the rest of 2022. PS5 console-exclusive platformer stray is set to launch next week with both the Saints Row reboot and The Last of Us Part 1 scheduled to release later this summer. Major exclusives like God of War Ragnarok are also planned for later this year. Best Buy’s Black Friday in July will give fans another chance to pick up a PS5 with plenty on the way for the platform.

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