Best Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 has begun, with the online giant offering huge discounts on thousands of products, including PS5 games and accessories. If you’re on the lookout for some Prime Day PS5 deals, you can find all the best offers in this handy guide.

So far we’ve spotted some great offers on PS5 games, controllers, PS5 compatible SSDs, gaming headsets and more. We’re hopeful the PS5 console and Horizon Forbidden West bundle could make an appearance too, but there’s no guarantees.

Here are today’s best Prime Day PS5 deals



To avoid missing out on any gaming bargains this Prime Day, you can also follow Jelly Deals on Twitter. Our overallPrime Day gaming deals guide is also packed with offers for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch games plus other tech goodies.

If you want access to the full Amazon Prime Day sale, you’ll need an active Prime subscription. If you haven’t been a Prime member before, you can claim a free 30-day trial and enjoy plenty more Prime benefits like access to Prime Gaming, Prime Video and much more.

Amazon Prime – 30 day free trial

Make the most of all the best Prime Day gaming deals plus other great perks and services like free delivery and Prime Gaming by starting your Amazon Prime free trial today. If you decide not to continue the membership, we recommend canceling it before the trial ends so that you won’t be charged the monthly £7.99/ $12.99 payment.

Below, you’ll be able to find links to even more of the biggest Prime Day PS5 deals. Some may have featured in last year’s sale and are now even cheaper than before.

Best Prime Day PS5 deals 2022

The online retail giant could be planning a large PS5 disc and digital drop for Prime Day 2022 but as always, we cannot guarantee. Amazon has been making its recent PS5 restocks exclusive to Prime members so they could potentially treat its subscribers to a decent PS5 drop.

There are currently no discounts on standalone PS5 consoles across Prime Day. If Amazon restocks PS5 consoles during the event, we’ll likely see the Horizon Forbidden West bundle make an appearance.

Outside of Amazon, retailers are restocking PS5 consoles more frequently and remaining in stock for aa little longer – mostly due to larger and more expensive bundles. If you’re still after a console, you can check the links below or find out exactly when they go live by checking our PS5 stock page, and by following us on Twitter.



Best Prime Day PS5 game deals

The PS5 console has been out for almost 18 months now, and we’re noticing bigger and better Prime Day deals on older PS5 games. We’ll be looking out for big discounts on Ratchet and Clank: A Rift in Time, Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West and many more, so watch this space!

Where possible, we have linked to games that are sold and distributed by Amazon, but we may also list games sold by third party sellers who we believe to be trustworthy. Stock and prices are also changing rapidly by the day so we also wanted to note that these prices are correct at the time of writing.

UK PS5 Deals:

US PS5 game deals

Best Prime Day PS5 controller and accessories deals

PS5 DualSense controllers are available again for their lowest ever price and you can grab one from just £45 from Amazon.

Deals on other PS5 accessories include discounts on the Pulse 3D headset and DualSense charging station.



There are currently no deals on official PS5 controllers or accessories in the US.

Best Prime Day PS5 SSD deals

Last year, we were still waiting for Sony to confirm which SSDs were compatible with the console’s internal expansion slot. Now we have the specifications, and thanks to Digital Foundry’s guide on the best SSD for PS5.

This year’s Prime Day sale is a great opportunity to boost your game storage space with a PS5 compatible SSD. We’ve spotted significant discounts on the WD Black SN850 with heatsink and the Samsung 980 Pro with heatsink. The 1TB options have already come down in price considerably in the last few months, but the 2TB offerings still cost a pretty penny.

Alternatively, external hard drives for PS5 are a cheaper and more portable way to store your games. As expected, there are plenty of Prime Day bargains on portable SSDs and HDDs. Granted, you’ll have to move any PS5 games on an external HDD back to the console’s internal storage in order to play them, but it’ll save you from deleting unplayed games and the tedious wait of redownloading them if you want to pick them up again. Handily, an external drive can be used to run backwards compatible PS4 games, so that will save some space on the internal storage for newer releases.



Best Prime Day PS Plus deals

If you want to get the most out of your PlayStation 5, you’ll need PS Plus for all those monthly games, multiplayer sessions and new games library.

Sony launched their new PS Plus subscription tiers in June 2022, meaning PS Now has now merged with PlayStation Plus. The updated service is split into three different tiers: Essential, Extra and Premium. At this time, you can only buy memberships via the PlayStation Store and Amazon has already removed its product pages for PS Now. Even if the new tiered PS Plus subscriptions are available for Amazon Prime Day 2022, we’d be surprised to see any discounts since they will be fresh on the market.

You can still, however, buy PlayStation gift cards from Amazon in the UK. These can be used to buy a PS Plus subscription after you’ve redeemed the code on your PlayStation account.

Best Prime Day PS5 headset deals

Along with the PS5 Pulse 3D Headset, a handful of the best gaming headsets are also compatible with PS5. Amazon is usually offering discounts on gaming headsets all-year round but you can currently snag an even bigger bargain on the following pairs.



Logitech G432 – $38 (was $80)

A budget-friendly headset packed with premium features like 7.1 surround sound for immersive gaming and plush leatherette ear cushions for extra comfort.

Will PS5 consoles be included in Prime Day 2022?

We haven’t yet seen see any deals on consoles themselves, but you can never be quite sure what will happen through the day. But if we are going to see any deals, they’ll probably be on bundles, and of course rely on Amazon actually having stock. To make sure you don’t miss out, we’d recommend adding a couple of your favorite bundles to your watchlist, but also, in case the impossible happens, adding both the disc and digital consoles to your list too.

Do I need to be a Prime member?

Yes, you do need to be a Prime member to get any PS5 deals this Prime Day. There is a way to get Prime for free though. Amazon is offering a 30 Day free trial for brand new customers, letting you make the most of Prime Day without having to fork out for a Prime Membership. Just remember to cancel it before your 30 days are up!

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