The Last of Us 2 Fan Customizes PS5 With Ellie’s Tattoo

One fan of The Last of Us 2 shares their custom PlayStation 5 sticker that stunningly replicates Ellie Williams’ iconic in-game tattoo.

Thanks to its powerful narrative that is artfully woven by a compelling cast of characters, The Last of Us 2 has become an important game for many players. After all, there are hardly any video game icons that have managed to capture the hearts of millions of fans to the same capacity as Ellie. Although two years has passed since fans watched her story play out within the sequel, it’s clear that she still resonates with many fans to this day, with this fondness reinforced over the years through many stunning The Last of Us 2 fan tributes.


At the time, The Last of Us franchise has quite a thriving community, with a couple of major projects by Naughty Dog awaiting them down the line. Not only is the production of the HBO series in full swing and set to release soon in 2023, but Naughty Dog recently revealed that fans can look forward to The Last of Us Part 1 this year, which is a massive remake of the first game. A standalone multiplayer project is also in the works. With all of this content on the horizon, it seems the franchise still has a lot of life left in it and isn’t going away any time soon.

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This lasting resilience can be said for the franchise’s fan base as well, as the sprawling community is always keen to use art as a medium to express their love for the games. To reinforce this notion, Reddit user Underthegojitree has transformed their very own PlayStation 5 console to beautifully pay homage to Ellie Williams. Soon after sharing this extraordinary The Last of Us fan homage, Underthegojitree’s post of their custom PlayStation 5 console quickly amassed praise from the community.

Designed by the custom art site consoleskins, the artwork is based on Ellie Williams’ iconic sleeve tattoo. Not only does the custom console sticker gracefully replicate the legendary in-game tat using only black cursive bends, but inspecting closer finds that the original artist faithfully reproduced the mosaic-like patterns on the dorsal surface of the moth’s wings. Although the sticker uses only one primary colour, just like Ellie’s own grayscale ink work, the way the dark bold curves juxtaposes the bright white console cover is nothing short of mesmerizing.

In summary, dazzling fan tributes like this prove that The Last of Us 2‘s community still has a lot of love for both the game and Ellie. With the PlayStation 5 being a relatively new console, hopefully the community will have more custom stickers and designs to share with the world in the future.

The Last of Us 2 is available now on PS4.

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