10 Best PS4 Tycoon Video Games: Own The World

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If you were wanting to build something, you probably could wherever you are, but if you want to truly build a world, you’ll need to check out certain tycoon video games. We’ll give you 10 you can play right now on your PS4.

#10 Tropic 6

If you want to not just build things but rule over things with an iron fist, then you’ll need to get Tropico 6. Because in this “dictator sim”, you’ll get to rule over a set of islands in an archipelago and build upon them however you want! Even if that means sending your forces to other nations to steal their monuments…because why not?

But remember, you’re wanting your empire to thrive, so you’ll have to endure whatever the world throws at you, and grow your technologies, your population, and so on.

So if you’re ready to rule the world that you build, Tropico 6 is for you.

#9 Surviving Mars

When it comes to places that humans want to go, Mars is absolutely the place that we’re trying to get to currently between places like NASA and SpaceX.

The irony of Surviving Mars is that it’s your job to go and do it before anyone else! Nothing could possibly go wrong with that, right? After all, it’s up to you to control everything and build your colony from the ground up.

And we do mean that as you’ll have to truly make your colony a thriving one, while surviving all that Mars has to offer you. Do you think you can make Mars a place humans can live in? Jump in and find out.

#8 Prison Architect

If you’re looking to prove your worth on another metric, then you might want to try out Prison Architect. Because in this game, you’ll be the warden of a prison, and have to build up the prison in order to try and overcome any and all attempts at escape.

Which is why you’ll need to be sharp, because your instincts might just be to try and keep them in as tight of spaces as possible, right? Except, that’ll inspire a riot. Plus, each prisoner has their own skills and abilities that you’ll need to be ready to counter.

So don’t get cocky, kid. These prisoners want out, and it’s your job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

#7 Farming Simulator Series

The Farming Simulator Series is definitely not one you’d think of putting in the “tycoon” series, and yet…that’s exactly what it belongs in. Because you may not realize just how deep and detailed this series can be. So much so that there’s actually an eSport about it!

How is that possible? That’s because of how you are well and truly told to build up a farm and you must do it from the ground up with all the struggles and challenges that actual farmers have. You need to buy all the equipment you need, you need to make sure you have the room to grow everything, and more.

You need to keep your farm profitable, so don’t take this game lightly or you’ll be dried up.

6. Jurassic World Evolution 2

If you are up for a more…prehistoric take on the tycoon games, you need to check out Jurassic World Evolution 2. Yes, as in THAT Jurassic World. The first game dabbled with you making your own Jurassic World, but this game takes it to a much deeper level with more modes, more dinosaurs, and so on.

The game will challenge you to not just make a Jurassic World, but ensure that it can not just contain a dinosaur, but getting them back into their cages should they escape. Trust us, they will escape.

So go and see all the different dinosaurs you can get, and whether you can truly be better than the movies!

#5 Kerbal Space Program

Here’s a fun twist on the space tycoon genre. Because in Kerbal Space Program, you’ll be put in charge of an alien race known as the Kerbals who are trying to become a spacefaring race. As their new leader in “space research”, you’ll need to start small, build up their ships, launch them into space, see them fail (more than likely) and then determine the best way to go forward so you can’t just go into space, but start to colonize it!

Yes, go to various planets and moons and build bases for your Kerbal, then start expanding their starship fleet so you can make them even better!

#4 Two Point Hospital

Want something a bit more wacky? Then try out Two Point Hospital. Because in this game, you’re going to be put in charge of building a hospital to take care of patients. Though not exactly your typical patients you’d see in a hospital.

Regardless, go and make things the best possible hospital in this world. Make it bigger, make it so that you can cure all sorts of issues, make sure you can get as much cash while also ensuring the comfort of your patients, and so on!

There is no such thing as a typical day in Two Point Hospital, so try it out and see just how crazy you can get.

#3 Planet Coaster

Coming from the long line of tycoon games before it, Planet Coaster will allow you to make the greatest theme park in the world…all you have to do is build it piece by piece.

And we don’t just mean things like the stands, the paths, and everything that goes alongside the coasters. Oh no, you’ll be able to actually build the various roller coasters of the world that you love, or you can go and create whatever ride you’ve ever built in your mind!

Make this park one of your dreams and make sure that the AI ​​characters like it too! Feel free to go wild here and have as much fun as you want!

#2 Stardew Valley

While this may not be the typical “tycoon” title, we would be foolish to not bring up Stardew Valley. Why? Because it’s the game that at least one person you know is not just playing, but playing almost literally years in, and they’re not going to stop anytime soon.

In the game you are a young man who is given the land of his family member and are told to do with it what you will…and that’s exactly what you do. You can make your life what you want on the farm, exploring the land, hanging out with the local townsfolk, getting into a relationship, and so on.

Stardew Valley is very much about making a life that you want…so go and have that.

#1 Cities Skylines

There are plenty of tycoons games out there where you can build up a city, but in Cities Skylines, you will get arguably the greatest version of this concept. Why? Because you’re not just being tasked with building a city, you have to actually make one that works and is able to be lived in by the people.

And if you fail? They’ll let you know about it. So you’ll need to be truly smart about things and make sweat that you can grow your city to be the best that it can be no matter what.

Plus, that’s the main game, the DLC will give you even more to do, so why not see how grand a city you can make?

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