Bloodborne PS5 Upgrade Would Seemingly Be Easier Than Expected to Implement

It seems like it would be easier than previously thought for Sony and developer FromSoftware to push out a PlayStation 5 upgrade for Bloodborne. Since the arrival of the PS5 back in 2020, many fans have continued to hope that a next-gen update for Bloodborne would be released to allow the game to run at 60 frames per second. And while this update seems like it will never release at this point, the prospect of unlocking the game’s frame rate is seemingly much easier than expected.

According to a recent report from Digital Foundry, only a couple of lines of code within Bloodborne keep the game from being unlocked in regard to its performance. For those unaware, Bloodborne was designed in such a way that FromSoftware kept the game locked at 30fps at all times. This means that even when played on PS5 nowadays, the game isn’t able to surpass this threshold even though the hardware is very much capable of allowing it to perform at a higher level.

This report in question went on to mention a hacker by the name of Illusion who is familiar with the code that Bloodborne runs off of. Illusion claims that the process of undoing Bloodborne’s 30fps limit could be done by altering only two lines of code within the game. From here, a new line of instructions would need to be placed, but it’s still a bit simpler than many fans might have once thought.

So does this mean we should expect a PS5 upgrade for Bloodborne at some point if this fix is ​​so straightforward? Well, probably not. Based on what we know, the onus to upgrade Bloodborne for PS5 lies with FromSoftware since it is the developer behind the project. And even though those at the studio might have a fondness for the game, there’s really no reason for FromSoftware to go this far into the past and begin working on Bloodborne again.

Instead, it seems like our best hope for an improved version of Bloodborne lies with a full-blown remaster coming about at some point. Based on what we’ve heard in recent months, though, this could very much be in play as we move forward.


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