Some of July’s PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games may have leaked

Sone of July’s PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games may have leaked ahead of their official announcement.

Earlier today a Resetera user called BlackBate claimed to have learned of “some of the games” coming to PlayStation Plus later this month.

As spotted by Push Square, BlackBate is an infrequent Resetera poster who appears to have a good but limited record of accurately leaking information on games ahead of their release, including details on Death Stranding Director’s Cut, Skull & Bones and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games – PS5 & PS4 – July 2022

It was recently confirmed that Stray will be included with PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium on July 19, which is also its PS5 and PC release date.

BlackBate claims the following games will also be added to PlayStation Plus Premium on July 19:

Sony recently launched a revamped PlayStation Plus service featuring three membership tiers (Essential, Extra and Premium).

The Essential tier offers the same benefits as the old PS Plus service, including ‘free’ PS4 and PS5 games every month, online multiplayer access and PS Store discounts.

The Extra and Premium tiers also include access to a catalog of 400 PS4 and PS5 games, which can be downloaded similar to Xbox Game Pass.

The Premium tier also offers a selection of PS1, PS2 and PSP games to download and PS3 games via cloud streaming, plus time-limited game trials.

New PS4 and PS5 games are added to PlayStation Plus (for all membership tiers) on the first Tuesday of every month.

July’s PlayStation Plus games, which are now available to claim, are Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (PS5/PS4), The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (PS4) and Arcadegeddon (PS5/PS4).

Sony has said another PlayStation Plus refresh will occur in the middle of each month, when new games will be added to the Extra and Premium tiers, but it has yet to confirm exactly when the first of these will occur.