Skate 4 Closed Playtest Cracked and Leaked Online With More Details

Full Circle and EA may now be thinking they’ve made a massive mistake opening up the skate 4 closed playtest to so many players after an older version of the test was cracked and leaked online. The result is a long list of details compiled by players who are not under NDA, and they give some idea as to what might be expected when the game is actually released.

Skate 4 closed playtest leaked details

Skate 4 Playtest Leaked

A cracked copy of the Skate 4 playtest has been leaked online, although we’re not going to tell you where it can be found. According to players within the Reddit thread announcing the leak, the build that has leaked online is identical to the pre-alpha footage that was posted online in April and is thought to be from a version of the game in testing last September. The current build is apparently different, although still featuring untextured skaters, but that hasn’t stopped details from leaking online through another Reddit thread.

The game is apparently built on the Frostbite Engine and can cope with around 60 players on the server at once. The playtest is taking place on a section of the map called Fun City although this is believed to be just a small section of the full game map. Fun City currently includes new areas and areas from previous games like the Community Center from Skate. While the area is mostly untextured, the team has implemented sound effects like traffic noises and chirping birds. Players can fast travel around the map using bus stops. There are currently three different control presets — Classic, Streamlined, and Experienced — as well as controls dedicated to PC players. For the first time, this means players can push with the joysticks if they wish, although this can be turned off.

Players will get a home skate park that they build during the tutorial and expand as the game progresses. Crafting materials and blueprints are needed to get new items for this skate park, and players earn currency by completing challenges and objectives and finding collectibles. Currency can also be used to buy clothes and new items to customize your skater. The career has been compared to that of Tony Hawks Proving Ground with a focus on skating, sharing, and creativity and a leveling system that reaches level 100. Video editing is part of this and the most liked pictures and videos will be posted on billboards around the city.

One new feature is a spectator mode where players are transported to a suitable location or other players are teleported to your current location. Few details on this mode are currently available. There are some missing features too. There’s currently no player collision, miracle whips, dark catches, or finger flips. There’s also no Hall of Meat mode at the moment. As usual, though, take all of these details with a pinch of salt. Even if these details are true, it’s completely possible things will be different by the time the game is released.

In other news, NBA 2K23 pre-orders are available now and there are five different versions of the game. Elsewhere, Skull & Bones has been canceled for Xbox One and PS4.

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