‘Inscryption’ PS4, PS5 Launch To Happen! New DualSense Exclusive Features for the Horror Card Game To Arrive

“Inscryption,” a popular horror card video game, is expected to arrive on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 platforms. This detail was confirmed by the title’s developer, Daniel Mullins Games.

'Registration' PS4, PS5 Launch To Happen!  New DualSense Exclusive Features for the Horror Card Game To Arrive

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This game creator is also behind other well-known indie games, such as “The Hex” and “Pony Island.” Now, access to its latest card video game will soon be expanded.

Aside from Daniel Mullins Games, Devolver Digital, the American video game company that published “Inscryption,” also confirmed this effort.

Devolver Digital announced that their critically acclaimed title will soon have DualSense-focused features.

‘Registration’ PS4, PS5 Launch To Happen!

According to Engadget’s latest report, the exact arrival date of “Inscryption” on PS5 and PS4 platforms is not yet confirmed.

Devolver Digital even clarified the rumored August arrival, saying that this speculation is incorrect since they don’t have an exact timeline yet for the release.

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Although this is the case, the arrival of the horror card video game on PlayStation platforms is something that gamers should really look forward to.

As of writing, “Inscryption” already generated more than one million copies in less than three months this 2022.

The upcoming DualSense-focused exclusive features are a part of the efforts made by Devolver Digital and Daniel Mullins Games to make their newest video game more popular.

‘Registration’ DualSense-Focused Features

Daniel Mullins Games confirmed the new DualSense-focused features for “Inscryption” via its official PlayStation blog post.

“To celebrate the announcement I’d like to highlight some of the cool stuff that awaits you in Inscryption, and the new PlayStation-exclusive features that I’ve added just for you,” said the game developer.

The title creator said that one of the DualSense features is the Stoat card audio, which gamers can hear from their controllers.

Daniel Mullins Games added that this function will make the gaming experience more realistic, making the card appear like it is being held by players.

Aside from this, “Inscryption” will also have an atmospheric lighting feature, which will appear on the DualSense controller’s light bar.

These are only the new enhancements confirmed by Daniel Mullins Games. But, you can expect more details from the developer as months go by or when the exact launch schedule for PS4 and PS5 has been confirmed.

To know more information about the popular horror card video game, you can visit this link.

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