10 Best PS4 Parkour Games To Get You Freerunning

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Video games have several things that have evolved over the years, and one of them is very easily the movement of the characters themselves. So with that in mind, check out these 10 Best PS4 Parkour Games

#10 Dying Light

The original Dying Light game stars off this list, and ironically enough, made news recently via its developer saying that all work on the title is now officially done! So after years of work…it’s now a complete game. That’s a symbol for the game industry if you ask us.

In case you didn’t “ask us” that, we’ll talk about how Dying Light sends you on a mission from the military to a city that is overrun with zombie threats. Now, you must fight and run your way through them and around them in order to figure out what happened, and see if the city can be saved.

The choices that you make in the title will affect what happens at the end…so make sure you can live with them…even with the undead all around you.

#9 Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat is the kind of title that wants you to have fun in the absurdly non-realistic world that it creates. In the game you’ll get to customize your character and then have at it in various challenges that’ll test how well you can solve puzzles, as well as handle the unique physics of the game itself.

The game isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, but rather, a fun experience in which you test things out, see what sticks, how you can improve, and so on. Sometimes games are just meant to be fun, and that’s it, so why not give that a shot here with Human Fall Flat?

#8 Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 takes its action very seriously…by not taking it seriously. And by that we mean that they throw just about everything at the game in order to make it bigger and grander than the previous title. And most of the time…it works out. You once again play as Rico Rodriguez, who goes to South America on a mission to try and free the nation of Solis.

Once there, you’ll create chaos as only you can. Using a variety of weapons, skills, vehicles and even gliders and jetpacks, you’ll be able to unleash all sorts of mayhem on a control that is desperate for order.

Oh, and did we mention you can ride around in a tornado? Because you can. That’s how nuts this game is.

#7 Ghostrunner

You are a blade fighter in a world that has already come to an end in its own way, and now, Mara the Keymaster is trying to rule over everything with an iron fist. The problem of course being that you don’t like this person and want revenge on them. The problem with THAT is that they’re on top of their mighty tower, and you have to climb up to get them. Fun.

The game features lightning-fast gameplay and parkour fun, as you’ll use your enhanced abilities to climb up the tower and one-hit-kill the guards and stooges that stand in your way of getting to Mara. But be warned, that one-hit-KO gameplay also affects you. So be fast, be smart, be quick with your blade, and get on top of that tower.

#6 Dying Light 2

And now for a sequel to a game we talked about earlier. Dying Light 2 takes a lot of things from the original Dying Light and enhances them in many ways. Not the least of which is giving you even more freedom with your parkour in order to traverse the new city that you find yourself in.

But it’s not just that, the game also gives you a bigger city with a LOT more choices that can be made within it. Your choices will help various factions in order to change the course of power and even the very layout of the city itself.

Naturally, there are zombies you need to outrun and fight too. So be ready for that as you play.

#5 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is hard to talk about because it’s kind of a remake of the original Mirror’s Edge, and both games promised to truly change how we examined gameplay and it…kind of did?

In the game, you play as Faith, a free runner (aka parkour specialist) who goes and delivers things all over the city of Glass. But when a mission turns into something much more, your skills are going to be put to the test more than ever before. The game wants you to use your parkour abilities to the fullest, going across, around, and through the city of Glass in a variety of ways.

And through Faith, you’ll have various options on how you can get through places and outpace enemies. So see how good you can be as you run…on the Mirror’s Edge.

#4 Dishonored Series

The Dishonored Series is one that makes you feel like not just an assassin, but one whose power is truly beyond what is out there in the world. Mainly because it is! The game puts you in the role of a betrayed assassin, who must embrace the supernatural elements of the world (and themselves) in order to get revenge.

As you go through the levels, you’ll use your abilities both natural and supernatural in order to traverse levels, fight foes, and more. The trick is that you can have true freedom in terms of how you go forward. You can even play the entire game without killing anyone should you choose.

So what kind of assassin will you be? Jump in and find out.

#3 Titanfall 2

It’s rather poetic that we’re putting Titanfall 2 in the No.3 spot, because players of this game would love nothing more than to go and enjoy a Titanfall 3 title. Especially after the incredible gameplay experience players got in the sequel.

While the first one kind of just “treaded water”, Titanfall 2 embraced what it could truly be and gave players both in and out of the mech suits a kind of mobility that truly blew people’s minds. The game feels incredibly balanced even when you’re staring down a mech threat as a human.

The multiplayer battles can truly get insane, in the good way, and many can only imagine what would happen if Titanfall 3 was indeed to happen.

#2 Assassin’s Creed Series

Overall, the Assassin’s Creed Series has done a great job of showing off how a parkour-style of gameplay can help people appreciate the overall world, as well as enhance gameplay. Let’s not forget that the original Assassin’s Creed featured your character climbing up a building and then jumping into a hay cart in order to showcase the flexibility with the environment.

As the games progressed, things got more fluid, as well as more intense with what you could do with those moves both in combat, and in how you traversed the various game worlds.

With each game you see just how big things can get, and while not all of them are hits, they do try and make you feel like a free-flowing assassin that is on a mission.

#1 Batman Arkham Series

Batman Arkham Knight Action Adventure Games

Look, anytime we can get the chance to praise the Batman Arkham Series? We will, it’s just how the world works. And while this game doesn’t embrace everything that is “parkour”, it does show one of the most mobile Batman versions ever.

After all, between his gadgets and his ever growing environment between Asylum, City, and Knight, you have to move around quite a bit in order to get things done. And that says nothing of the combat in which you’re flipping and flying all over the place to take the bad guys out.

While Arkham Knight might not stand up to scrutiny overall, Asylum and City are more than worth your time, and the replay value is absolutely there.

So be the Batman once again. Must!

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