Psychonauts 2 is officially getting a boxed release in September

Psychonauts 2 is getting a physical retail release later this year.

Following an earlier leak via an Amazon product listing, Psychonauts 2 – The Motherlobe Edition was officially announced on Thursday.

The debut trailer for the game, which will be released for Xbox One/Xbox Series X and PS4, is viewable below.

Psychonauts 2 – The Motherlobe Edition: Announce Trailer

The official blurb accompanying the trailer reads: “In this collectible, physical edition of the much anticipated, Psychonauts 2 – The Motherlobe Edition, get the platform-adventure game and then some!

“Packed in the game are quirky missions and mysterious conspiracies with cinematic style and tons of customizable psychic powers. The game pack-ins include exclusive stickers, art cards, a reversible coversheet AND a digital download code for behind the scenes footage.”

The sequel to 2005’s Psychonauts was revealed at The Game Awards in 2015, with Double Fine going on to raise over $3.8 million on crowdfunding platform Fig to help develop the title for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One.

Following a series of delays, Psychonauts 2 was eventually released digitally for PC and consoles in August 2021, with the game also optimized for Xbox Series X/S. Mac and Linux versions followed in May 2022.

While there was no physical retail release for the game, some Fig backers were able to secure a boxed copy when the project was crowdfunded.