Why Now Is the Perfect Time for a Sequel

Def Jam Recordings, one of the most popular recording labels in the world, specializes in promoting talent for the hip-hop and rap industry. There once was a time when Def Jam Recordings utilized its popularity and artists to produce a fighting video game franchise similarly called Def Jam. Following the smash hit of Def Jam: Fight for NY and a disappointing sequel Def Jam: Icon, this franchise has been silent regarding its future. However, if a new entry were to launch today, it would garner more interest and attraction than ever before.

Developed by EA Sports and AKI Corporation (now called syn Sophia) in 2003, Def Jam Vendetta was a fighting game that featured popular hip-hop figureheads like DMX and Redman. It was positively received by players and sold over a million copies. Additionally, Def Jam Vendetta was the first game of its time that collaborated with celebrities, playing a huge part in its popularity. The possibility of pitting two rappers against each other is a fascinating and fun concept that has the potential to appeal to gamers today.

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After the favorable response by players, EA Sports and AKI Corporation would go on to release a sequel for Vendetta called Def Jam: Fight for NY in 2004. This time with a bigger roster and a more in-depth fighting system, players had the chance to create their own rapper and fight against artists such as Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Fat Joe, and Xzibit to gain reputation and earn their place in the underground community of New York. Fight for NY was arguably the most popular Def Jam game in the trilogy, earning multiple awards and high appraisals and selling over a million copies.

Following the success of Fight for NYEA Sports saw an opportunity to bring a new generation of Def Jam to the PS3 and Xbox 360 without the involvement of AKI Corporation for development. In March 2007, Def Jam: Icon was published with a smaller roster. Though it changed the formula of the series, focusing less on wrestling and more on environmental combat, it could not live up to the high expectations set by Fight for NY. As such, icon was moderately received by critics, who called it average and unremarkable.

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To this day, Fight for NY is regarded as the best Def Jam installation in the trilogy. The game featured interesting and unique mechanics in its various fighting styles and different methods that players could use to win. Essentially, players could win by either knocking out their opponent or submitting them. To achieve this, gamers could utilize up to three of five fighting styles: Street Fighting, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Wrestling, and Submissions. Additionally, Fight for NY featured interactive arenas with destructible entities and an audience that could grab an opponent or offer a weapon to the player.

Due to the success of the Def Jam trilogy, fans have long asked for another installment. This demand is now higher than ever, as many rap artists have become more mainstream and easily recognizable. For instance, a new Def Jam could include iconic artists like Pop Smoke, Kendrick Lamar, Denzel Curry, and JID and new fighting styles like MMA and jiu-jitsu, which could all take place in iconic regions such as Atlanta, Miami, and more. However, it would be wise for syn Sophia to steer away from EA due to its current negative reputation in the gaming community.

The concept of crossover fighting games has always been popular among gamers. From the iconic Nintendo fighter Super Smash Bros.. to the latest Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, fans enjoy pitting their favorite characters against each other in fights. Although the Def Jam series has no official plans for a new installment despite all the interest and potential, the cultural impact it had on the gaming and hip-hop industry during its era will always be remembered and honored by gamers and music fans alike.

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