PS Plus Extra Has a Lot of Great Local Co-Op Games to Play

This year, Sony spruced up its subscription gaming offering by combining PlayStation Now and Playstation Plus into a single service divided into three tiers. For players who simply need access to play online multiplayer games with friends, there is PS Plus Essential, while PS Plus Extra also offers a large catalog of PS4 and PS5 games for gamers to download and play. Lastly, the highest tier is PlayStation Plus Premium or Deluxe, which features a catalog of classic games from the PS3, PS1, and PSP era that can be streamed or downloaded.


For PS Plus Extra subscribers, the library is almost too vast to exhaust, and it provides a great opportunity for gamers to dive into genres they may have otherwise never considered. Interestingly, at present, there is a good selection of local co-op games to try out, encouraging gamers to enjoy the gaming experience with their friends. From platformers to simulators, there is a little something from almost every genre.

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Before there was dreamsMedia Molecule’s bread and butter was LittleBigPlaneta franchise featuring a cute, button-eyed mascot named Sackboy. LittleBigPlanet is a platformer that sets itself apart through its focus on user generated content, and it allows players to create their own levels and share them with other gamers. LittleBigPlanet 3 is available on PS Plus Extra, and its co-op allows up to four gamers to play together locally and work as a team to complete levels.

Overcooked games may seem simple on the surface, but as one soon learns, they have the potential to become as complex as a math equation and as frustrating as a jigsaw puzzle. The games are cooking simulators which have players running a restaurant and serving up dishes to throngs of impatient customers. Speed ​​and efficiency is key, and it is easy for things to go wrong and for chaos to ensue. Fortunately, Overcooked 2 features local co-op where players can form teams of up to four to help divide the workload.

For gamers looking for the unique and elusive feeling of moving heavy stuff in video games, there are two titles available on PS Plus Extra that are just perfect. Moving Out is a moving simulator which tasks gamers with carrying furniture and other household items without breaking or damaging them. Fortunately, thanks to local co-op, friends can help. There is alsoTotally Reliable Delivery Service, which has gamers teaming up with three other friends. However, thanks to some wonky physics, things can get quite silly quickly. It is definitely a game to check out for some light-hearted fun and laughs between friends.

There Are Plenty of Local Co-Op Games to Try

Of course, the above games are not the only local co-op titles on offer for PS Plus Extra, and other titles worth checking out include: Alienation, Darksiders: Genesis, Death Squared, Fury Unleashed, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Magicka 2, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, Victor Vran: Overkill Editionand Vikings: Wolves of Midgard. Furthermore, the library is not static, and new local co-op games will likely be added in the future.

For many, it may seem like the era of local co-op games came to an end a while ago. However, PS Plus Extra proves that there are still plenty of gamers to cater to gamers who wish to play games together on the same couch. By bumping up their subscription to PS Plus Premium, players can also access additional classic local co-op games such as Metal Slug 3 and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

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