Every God Of War Game, Ranked According To Metacritic

Tea god of war series got off to its bloody good start in 2005 when a Spartan man named Kratos, desperate for victory on the battlefield, formed a pact with the Greek God of War, Ares. In exchange for Ares’ assistance, Kratos was forced to serve Ares for the rest of his days. After Ares tricked Kratos into killing his family, Kratos sought revenge that would eventually lead him to pursue the complete annihilation of Greek mythology’s gods.

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Kratos’ mission was finally completed in God of War III. Hoping to gain the peace he long hoped for, Kratos left Greece, remarried, and had a son named Atreus. Unfortunately for Kratos, he and Atreus found themselves mixed up with the gods of Norse mythology in a two-game saga that will culminate in the upcoming God of War Ragnarok. Overall, the god of war series is one of the rare video game series with no bad games. With no shortage of award-winning games, which god of war game scored the best on Metacritic?

God of War: Betrayal is, thus far, the only god of war game released for mobile devices. Released in 2007, Betrayal is set before God of War II and tasks Kratos with finding an assassin responsible for a murder for which Kratos has been framed. While its story isn’t mentioned later god of war games, it can serve to represent an early wedge between the newly-minted God of War, Kratos, and the rest of the Greek gods.

While Betrayal doesn’t have a Metacritic score, it did receive high marks for its ability to translate the god of war experience in a 2D, early mobile structure. From its brutality to its quick-time events, Betrayal is a faithful god of war game despite its hardware’s limitations.

God of War: Ascension is the last god of war game of the Kratos’ Greek saga. Despite that, Ascent occurs at the earliest point in the god of war series. After being tricked into killing his family, Kratos begins his pursuit of revenge on Ares. But, first, he’ll need to break his pact with Ares, which involves killing the three Furies.

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Ascent was praised for its stunning visuals, which many critics say are among the best on the PlayStation 3. However, HASscension‘s multiplayer mode, the first and only god of war game to contain one, received a mixed response. While the multiplayer mode was cited as an enjoyable and fresh experience, it lacked depth and staying power.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the second of two god of war games released for the PlayStation Portable. Set-after GoWII, Ghost of Sparta reveals that Kratos has a brother, Deimos. The gods imprisoned Deimos because of fears he was “The Marked Warrior” of prophecy that would overthrow Olympus. Kratos seeks to free his brother from the God of Death, Thanatos.

Ghost of Sparta saw praise for its ability to build upon the foundation set by God of War: Chains of Olympus’ visuals and gameplay. Most critics felt Ghost of Sparta was an experience comparable to big-budget PS3 releases. However, some critics felt it was underwhelming compared to GoWIIIwhich was released earlier in 2010.

The first PSP god of war games, Chains of Olympusdid what Betrayal could not: fully transition the 3D god of war experience for a handheld device. Set before the original god of warKratos must seek out Helios in an attempt to wake up the gods who have fallen into a slumber thanks to the God of Dreams, Morpheus.

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Chains of Olympus was praised for its visuals and presentation with gameplay that overcomes the lack of a second analog stick. However, criticism of the game was centered around its challenging puzzles and short length.

GoWIII serves as the epic conclusion to Kratos’ Greek saga. Every other god of war up until this point, and the two prequels that followed, culminating in Kratos’ assault on Zeus and Olympus as a whole. To call GoWIII epic would be an understatement. From its opening minutes, players knew they were in for a highly exhilarating ride.

It is that epicness and scale that saw the most praise for GoWIII. Each set piece, fight, and music track made for a conclusion that was well worth the hype. However, some critics felt GoWIII’s simplistic narrative held it back by focusing primarily on Kratos’ acting on his revenge while adding little narrative complexities to the process.

After defeating Ares and assuming the mantle of God of War, life is good for Kratos. While he’s still haunted by the death of his family by his own hands, Kratos revels in his new role. But after being betrayed by Zeus, Kratos must kill the Sisters of Fate in order to change his pre-destined death and exact revenge on Zeus.

GoWII double down on everything that made the original god of war so special by improving nearly every aspect of that game, from the combat to the story. Despite complaints about puzzles and invisible walls, GoWII is still among the best sequels in gaming history.

In a console generation where PlayStation introduced numerous iconic series such as Ratchet & Clank and Sly Coopertea god of war series is arguably the biggest of them all. The original god of war provided Sony with its own Halo-like system seller. One that continues to be a mega-hit nearly 20 years later.

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The original God of War’s over-the-top brutality and action set-pieces hooked critics and players alike, leading to its fair share of controversies. However, much of the original game’s criticism was aimed at its camera and platforming.

The most recent god of war could’ve easily been called “God of War IV,” but Santa Monica Studio ditched the numerical naming because 2018’s god of war represented a fresh slate. Kratos not only moved into Norse territory, but 2018’s god of war saw a complete overhaul in its gameplay from the previous fixed-camera combat of past god of war games. In addition, 2018’s god of war features a touching father-and-son tale as Kratos and Atreus set off on a journey to spread the ashes of Kratos’ recently deceased wife, and mother of Atreus, Faye.

The game was widely praised for reinventing the god of war series and justifying Kratos’ return by showing a brand new side of him thanks to his son Atreus. 2018’s god of war also saw praise for its gorgeous visuals, and innovative directing that maintains a seamless single-camera shot throughout the entire story and gameplay.

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