10 Video Games That Seem To Go On Forever

Video games come in all shapes and sizes – from short linear narratives to large expansive odysseys that practically go on forever. With the rise in popularity of live-service games and rising costs of development, the latter of these games’ lengths have become more prevalent in the industry during recent months. While one could always argue that a game’s length has nothing to do with quality, there’s an irrefutable charm to spending hundreds of hours in a game’s world – soaking all there is and never reaching the point of exhaustion. To that effect, here are 10 games that never (seem) to end.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Legend of the East Outfit

Rockstar Games’ latest entry in this tale about gun-toting outlaws features swaths of content set against the majestic backdrop of the Wild West. Red Dead Redemption 2‘s map is expansive and filled to the brim with lively towns, dimly-lit caves, treacherous mountains, muddy swamps, and so much more. Rockstar has filled this huge space with a ton of interesting details that will take players hundreds of hours to discover. That’s all on top of all the collectibles, treasure hunts, side-quests, robberies, and the lengthy redemption arc of the charismatic cowboy that is Arthur Morgan. Once you are done with that, you can also spend countless hours role-playing as a virtual outlaw in the game’s live-service multiplayer component which features swaths of its own separate content and receives regular updates.

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