The Biggest Gaming News For July 4, 2022

Let Me Solo Her is back in business, players can get their hands on hundreds of SNES manuals, and My Hero Academia becomes a battle royale game.

Since you’ve surely been outside celebrating freedom with a literal bang, you’ve probably gotten behind on the latest developments in the world of gaming, but don’t worry because we’ve got this handy dandy news roundup for you at the ready . This time around, we heard about how the Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her never actually went into retirement, you can read every single game manual ever made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and My Hero Academia will soon be a battle royale game. These are just our top stories and so read on for the rest.


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Every English SNES Manual Now Available Online Thanks To Archivist

Players are now able to get their hands on every single game manual ever made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System thanks to a very dedicated archivist going by the name of Peebs. This represents more than 800 documents which is quite astounding in and of itself. “We did it! The last one! The final English Super Nintendo Entertainment System manual! Hell yeah, it feels great to finish a project,” the archivist remarked. Keep on fighting the good fight for games preservation, Peebs.

My Hero Academia Is Becoming A Battle Royale Game

My Hero Academia will soon be a battle royale game according to a recently released trailer. The game will support up to 24 players on a single map with eight teams of three fighting it out by the look of things. According to the official website, each character will fall into one of three different categories consisting of Assault, Support, and Disruption. Team balance will be left to the players themselves to figure out. I rather liked the anime, so this one could be worth keeping an eye on.

Elden Ring Legend Let Me Solo Her Denies Retirement, Claims To Have Defeated Malenia 2,000 Times

There have been rumors making the rounds to the effect that Let Me Solo Her has retired from Elden Ring. Well, not true. The player is in fact more active than ever. “Since a lot of people are asking me or think that I’m retired, I’m happy to say that I am not and still going strong,” Let Me Solo Her pointed out in a video. “Lost count by now, but it’s over 2,000 Malenia’s slain.” That’s quite a few bumps put to rest.

Sony Job Listing Suggestions That Emulated PS3 Games Could Be Coming To PS5

Subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service have been able to access a library of PS3 games for quite a while now, but unlike PS4 games, they’ve had to stream them. This could be changing in the very near future because PlayStation is apparently trying to hire a Software Development Engineer specialized in “emulation of legacy PlayStation platforms.” Speculators have suggested that such emulation could only be for PS3 games. The job listing also contains a number of “must haves” including “experience developing cross-platform software for games consoles and desktop PCs” along with “carving out automated solutions that scale to thousands of similar products.”

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